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Queen of Air and Darkness *spoilery* – Part 4

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Rating: 2/5 stars

I’m sorry it took me so long to finally get round to making this! Now I can stop talking about this book and this series and Shadowhunters for a while, at least!

This post is dedicated to the ending!

I feel like Cassandra Clare really did try to make this book the ultimate finale but it just failed in so many different ways. First of all, this book in itself just has way too many characters. I understand it’s important that characters are fleshed out and all, but I don’t think it’s necessary for so many characters to have plots of their own.

In so many ways I felt like Cassandra Clare had decided quantity over quality. Yes, there are so many characters. Yes, there are so many plots. Yes, there is so much coupling. These have the potential to work out, but because there were so many and so much to focus on, it reduced the overall quality of the series, especially this book in particular.

The attention on all the other plots and characters should have been focused on the main plot that everyone has been in on since the first book. In this book, because Cassandra Clare decided to start so many storylines and plots, of course she had to find solutions to all of them. I think she may have lost a lot of steam while writing this book, as this is clear by all the convenient and lazy endings.

Now, one of the reasons I love fantasy so much is because literally anything can happen, because the author is the one who makes their own rules, but then they can just as easily break them. But I love this only when it’s DONE WELL. And in this book, it definitely was not done well at all.

The final battle did not feel like a final battle at all. Why are people just coming and going and chatting to each other as if they were at some kind of weekend barbecue? “Argh, let me go and slay this monster… pass the ketchup will you?”

After thousands of pages that forecasted a tragic ending for Emma and Julian, there should have been a better ending. Cassandra Clare shouldn’t have built up to such a huge climax by having so much build-up, if she couldn’t live up to it. It’s just so ridiculous I have no idea what to even…

Basically, Emma and Julian become golden giants for a few minutes, and then they’re not parabatai anymore. I’m sorry, but what is this? What about the parabatai rune being flawed because it was made by man? Was that just simply something to divert us all from thinking that the parabatai rune would not be universally destroyed? Is that not a plot hole, though? Or is it simply another thing to be dragged on into the next series?

Also, just a sidenote, while Emma and Julian were golden giants and crushing people, why was Ty just casually up a tree, and everyone just meets up and they’re talking about completely unimportant things?! Where did all the family love and care and concern go? DON’T PRETEND YOU’RE USED TO SEEING PEOPLE TURN INTO GOLDEN GIANTS. Good grief.

It was honestly such a cheap ending I felt so cheated. It was the most disappointing thing ever and I was literally so mad that I went through 900 FREAKING PAGES just to get to such a bad ending.

Not to mention the scene where all the Blackthorns and their friends were screaming at the giants and telling them how much they love them and how much they changed their lives was so cringey I literally could not. Look, I feel like I’ve overlooked a lot of cringey scenes in my review on this, but this bit was actually just bad.

And is it really necessary to have the epilogue revolve around Jace and Clary and The Mortal Instruments characters AGAIN? Even when there are already SIX books on them? Not that I don’t love Jace and Clary as characters, but if you read my previous reviews, you’d know I wasn’t that much of a fan of them in this trilogy. Also using them just to make people interested in the books again and again is getting tiring. Plus, there’s supposed to be so many other Shadowhunter Institutes so why must they always focus on the TMI characters?

Alright, so that is the end of my Queen of Air and Darkness review! I hope you found it interesting, please let me know all your thoughts 🙂 Speak soon, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Queen of Air and Darkness *spoilery* – Part 4”

  1. Yayyyy, finally another Shadowhunters review!!!! I know exactly what you mean, I felt the same way even though I really liked this series. The fight was like wtf what is this??? And there seriously were too many plots and characters and their endings were just random. I was also really excited to finally read the end of Julian and Emma because Clare made such a HUGE deal about that – the end was kind of weird. And Jace and Clary’s appearances were just over the top and unnecessary, but I feel like that is accurate for many things in this series…

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