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Queen of Air and Darkness *spoilery* – Part 2

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Rating: 2/5 stars

Depending on how long this review is, I may end up doing a part 3 since I just have a billion thoughts on this lol.

This review will cover:

  • the “villains”
  • the rest of the characters I didn’t cover in the previous book

Can we just talk about how bad the villains were? When you write, you can choose to write whatever you want, you can have anything happen, sure, and that’s definitely the definition of these Shadowhunter books. However, you have to make it believable. If it’s not believable, then despite the amazing world-building and TMI characters, the rest of the plot will be a flop, which is what this book is.

Villains are very important to a book, especially this one. They tend to be the driving force of the main characters, right? I feel like Horace and Zara are both cringey, ridiculous, utterly one-dimensional and on the whole very badly-made “villains” that are just tossed into the story to add some more evil for our heroic, skilled, talent and let’s not forget dashingly beautiful main characters to fight against them, and of course win in a big battle where everyone is just talking to each other and none of their precious family and friends die or face any consequences! Perhaps another character we kind of don’t care about will end up dying, as a lady attempt to boost the finale to actual finale level? Hmmm…

It’s weird that the next characters I’m going to talk about are Kit and Ty and Dru. Wouldn’t you expect me to talk about Emma and Julian next, right? The “villains” and then the heroes. But unfortunately, there are just so many filler scenes with Kit and Ty and Dru that amount to probably 200 pages, maybe I’m exaggerating, I’m probably not considering 700 of these pages felt like filler.

Therefore, it would be unfair to leave these guys out, as Clare clearly wants to divert as much attention to them as possible, regardless of the fact that all of the scenes are so, so boring. I really don’t care if Kit teaches Dru how to pick a lock. I also felt it was really brushed over and just unrealistic and awkward that Dru then randomly goes and rescues Diego and the rest and then that’s all super brushed over and left rather unacknowledged?

I feel like with Clare and this book she just assumed that everyone cares about the characters and wants to know everything that they do, from making breakfast, to their awkward, cringey and unrealistic dialogue, and to the terrible attempts at banter, and more. But the truth is, I for one, really don’t care, and I’ve read a lot of other reviews that don’t care either.

Also, tell me, did nobody else find it unfeeling and cruel of Ty as to how he reacted to the letter that Livvy from Thule gave to him? It was very selfish of him to expect her to just come to his world and be with him and then he would be happy and everything? He could have at least been a bit nicer about it. How could he expect her to give up everything in her world? How could he assume that she has nothing better to do? I don’t know, it just didn’t sit well with me.

Coming from that, I also feel like Ty’s character was just completely awkward and weird and totally different from the other two books. You could say it’s because of grief, but literally his whole character has REVOLUTIONISED. I also don’t get as to how Kit no longer likes Ty and I felt that was really awkwardly ended and probably something else to get readers to keep reading for the next trilogy.

Moving on, to Kieran, Mark and Christina’s relationship. I really don’t like it and don’t find it very convincing. Christina is still a super flat and boring character for me and all this whole thing did was make more extremely boring pages after pages. Also, I really don’t care about the Rosales brothers.

What are your thoughts about this book?

3 thoughts on “Queen of Air and Darkness *spoilery* – Part 2”

  1. I actually really liked this book but your arguments are thoughts I also had while reading…. Dru’s rescue scene was totally random and literally all the scenes involving her, Kit or Ty were super boring! I also thought that Kit and Ty’s relationship ended really badly, she could have thought of something better. I also thought that Christina, Kieran’s and Marc’s relationship was really badly handled. I was always wondering in the previous books which ending Clare would give those three but this one just felt wrong. I just didn’t get the love they felt, that was just random! I’m really excited to read another review about this book! Haha i Love your Dark Artifices reviews🤪🤪

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  2. Yes exactly I totally agree with you – I definitely felt it was super random! Haha aww thank you that means a lot! ❤ I hope to do only one part but that might turn into 2 parts because I just have too many thoughts 😂

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