Asalamualaikum (if you’re Muslim) or hello! I’m a teenage Muslim girl, and this is a place where I discuss my many thoughts regarding all things to do with books – that can include reading books as well as writing them, and exploring the growth of my favourite genre of all time: Islamic-fiction.

This blog was launched October 2017, and since then it has witnessed a huge evolution, from the beginning of my experience with reading Young Adult fiction, and then (since August 2019) my rejection of it, and the growth that has come after that.

For so long I had wanted to give up reading YA, but I thought that I couldn’t because I had already started this blog and been posting so consistently about it – however, I realised that a blog shouldn’t be static (in fact, it would be completely unrealistic if it was) and that something that personal should grow with the editor… so that’s what’s happening.

At the time of me redrafting this page (the 13th time since I started this blog, according to WordPress), it’s the 19th December 2019 and since my announcement of how I was leaving YA behind me and moving onto a different chapter, I’ll be honest… not much has happened since then on here posting-wise. What with school and other big changes, I’ve been unable to fully dedicate myself in working on changing this blog. To be fully honest, I haven’t been completely sure where I wanted to go with it.

But this is who I am and where I am right now, and if you’re up for a journey, feel free to ‘follow’ and let’s see where this takes us next.