Asalamualaikum/hello and WELCOME to my corner of the internet! 🎉🎉🎉

This is a place where books are the source of all joy and companionship, and discussions can range from Islamic-fiction, classics and writer’s block to the mundane problems of a Muslim teenager attempting to navigate final year of school, the COVID crisis (like everyone else… guess I’m not that special, huh?) that has thrust me into a third lockdown (cancelling my A Level)s and adulthood… in a world where everything seems to be falling apart (especially the economy) 😊

Books have always been a source of comfort and escape for me, and this blog has helped me to document the shifts in my taste in books as time has passed on. As an aspiring writer, I have always loved to engage in discussions with other writers on here – sharing our struggles and giving each other advice and motivation!

Most importantly… being able to express and discuss Islamic-fiction on this blog, as a dedicated Muslim and reader, through a tiny platform that has allowed me to reach a few amazing people out there, is simultaneously a pleasure and a privilege 🙂 My favourite thing about blogging is being able to reach out and talk to so many amazing people, and I absolutely love it.