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The Crowning Venture by Hafiza Saadia Mian

The Crowning Venture: Inspiration from Women Who Have Memorized the Quran: Mian, Saadia: 9780999299036: Books

Title: The Crowning Venture

Author: Hafiza Saadia Mian

Genre: Islam

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This book has such an exceptionally beautiful premise, that made me instantly gravitate towards it. A Muslim’s endeavour to commit the entire Qur’an to memory is one that is not only incredibly important and hold great spiritual weight in Islam, but is one that I particularly have a personal connection to, as alhamdullilah (all thanks and praises be to God) I have memorised a few chapters of the Qur’an myself and hope to continue to do so. Therefore, I was excited to see what this book had to offer in possibly easing the journey in becoming a hafiza (a Muslim woman who has memorised the entire Quran) and what it had to say especially about a Muslim woman’s journey with the Qur’an.

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Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin

Ayesha at Last: Jalaluddin, Uzma: 9781984802798: Books

Title: Ayesha at Last

Author: Uzma Jalaluddin

Genre: Islamic-fiction

Rating: ⭐️

Guys, I have to say I am really disappointed that this book turned out this way. I was so excited to see a new Islamic-fiction book out there that was receiving so much buzz and on top of that a Pride and Prejudice retelling??? I was so ready to fall in love with this book, like so many of the other reviewers out there, but alas it did not turn out that way.

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First-Impressions: Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina (Collectors Library): Leo Tolstoy:  9781907360008: Books

For THE LONGEST TIME, I somehow misread the title of this book and thought it was “Anne” Karenina. It was only after I was 10% through this book (ah, the joys of reading on Kindle) that I realised it was “Anna” and was mortifyingly disappointed in myself. I swear I saw it say “Anne” somewhere.. it must be to do with the translation…

Anyways, in yesterday’s post, I discussed how I sometimes know I’m going to love a book before I have read it, and this is partially the case with this book. Partially, because although I knew that this was a timeless classic (check) and the premise was absolutely intriguing (check) and it is considered the greatest novel of all time (wow it’s just screaming at me at this point)… I think this may possibly be the first time I’ve read a Russian book (translated, of course) and my first book from Leo Tolstoy so I wasn’t sure how those two factors would play out. I was also hesitant to begin, because it is one thousand pages long (the equivalent to three normal sized books) and I didn’t want to be stuck into one book for… lord save me, the whole summer.

Nevertheless, I was hopeful. In my experiences in reading Alexandre Dumas’ book The Count of Monte Cristo (which I’m still reading – please forgive me it’s also one thousand pages… there is a story to my relationship with this book which I can talk about in another post – I started on ebook and then purchased myself a lovely copy) I realised the necessity of having a good translation, so I Googled to find the best translation of Anna Karenina and ensured that my ebook had that translation and then I began my reading.

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