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A RANT: First-Impressions: Lady Midnight

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I’m currently 50% through, and I know that first-impressions post should usually be done when you’re at the beginning of a book because it’s your first impressions, right?

But I genuinely had nothing to say for a good while other than this is so slow, and has anything actually happened other than Julian making pancakes one morning and then making bacon with burnt bits how Dru likes it the next? Or Emma going for a run, having nightmares, and randomly following Church out onto the beach where she meets Julian and they have an extremely awkward and not-at-all confusing conversation which leads to misunderstandings on both sides and even more awkwardness which is then brushed off at the earliest convenience?

Maybe it’s just me.

I feel like Cassandra Clare is trying to cram too many things into here, and in my opinion, it’s not working very well so far (I know I just said the beginning was very slow, but by this I mean the kind of themes/ideas that she wants to include in the series as messages to the readers… if that makes sense) For example, she uses Dru as, I’m assuming, a tool of addressing body-shaming, at one part. The thing this subject is that it is a very touchy one, and if not handled carefully, just won’t turn out right.

It has been addressed very briefly so far, with a few random descriptions on how curvy Dru’s body is, how there are awkward moments when guys mistaken her as a 17 or 18 year old when she’s 13, and then how she randomly confides in Emma that her aunt (or was it grandmother) called her a butterball, to which Emma hugged her, thought about all the things she wanted to do to that lady, told her she was beautiful, and then continued with her life. I don’t really think this is a good portrayal so far, if this paragraph does not speak for itself.

Then as well as this, there’s also this whole thing with Christina, not to mention the whole awkward issue between Emma and Julian, then about a certain sibling (not just this sibling’s relationship with the family but also this sibling’s life), and then of course the whole plot on the whole about the murders. It’s not that I’m complaining there’s too much action (because really, the beginning was extremely slow), I’m just saying I feel like there may be too many delicate situations in this book, and that it may be better to handle a few delicate situations very well, other than many not very well at all. 

In conclusion, all of the many things happening in this book could result in something good or bad. At the moment, I’m leaning towards “bad”, if you didn’t notice.

The romance between Emma and Julian is not being handled very well AT ALL. First of all, there’s no build up? It begins by not Julian, but Emma in the first chapter, but then she acts all surprised in the later chapters? This doesn’t make sense? Am I the only one confused about this? And then it’s just awkward. I know perhaps the author meant it to be awkward between them because of this whole situation but it was awkwardly written. That’s different.

Also the continuous descriptions of what Julian looks like or Emma looks like is really tiring me out. Really.

And I have do have some more, trust me, but since I haven’t finished the book yet I don’t want to speak too soon, although I’m conscience of the fact I may have already done so. But there are also things that I do like – such as the family dynamics between the Blackthorns and the banter. I don’t hate this book right now, it’s just at the moment I’m just confused and disliking what’s happening and foreseeing possibly more things in the future for me to dislike about.

But anyways, these are my thoughts on this so far (evidently all over the place). I’m aware I may have gone on a rant, but then what are bookish blogs for??

I predict a 2 or 3 star read. I would love to hear all of your thoughts on what I think and this book in general, and if you love this book, I think that’s really great and it’s totally cool because everyone has different tastes in things and I’m sure there are loads of books I love out there that many people personally think are rubbish 🙂 Speak soon, everyone!

7 thoughts on “A RANT: First-Impressions: Lady Midnight”

  1. I read this book three years ago and all I can remember is that I loved it! I’m currently in the middle of Queen of Air and Darkness and the start was also really slow, the pace picked up at around page 300, so I know how you feel!😂 I hope you enjoy the second half of the book more than you enjoyed the first, because there are some heavy plot twists ahead of you! Have fun reading 🤪


  2. Tbh this series would have worked better if there were more books that were shorter? Like, 5 books with 400 pages each. I think everything would be better developed that way! And obviously I loved this book😂🤣 but I hope you enjoy the second half much more than the first!

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  3. That could work but then you’d have a couple of books that were completely uneventful 😂 Aha I’m sorry if I bashed a book you really love, but in my defence, you did bash three dark crowns for me 😂 but in the end, we’re all different and each of our opinions are equal ❤

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