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First-Impressions: The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks

Hello everyone! I haven’t done a post like this in sooo long and was slightly hesitant in doing so because I realise that this is a non-fiction neuroscience/psychology book and isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (and chances are you are going to find this pretty uninteresting), but this is something I’m currently reading for UCAS (UK university applications) preparation since I want to pursue a degree in psychology and I figured since this blog is surrounding my own personal interests, it’s relevant 🙂

This is also a pretty well-known book in general and even if you aren’t interested in psychology it is also related to medicine and just how we function as human beings, with a focus on the brain – so I think a lot of you would still find it a really insightful glimpse into the maze of the human brain (and yes, a man really does mistake his wife for a hat).

Also just a disclaimer I am no expert in this subject whatsoever, simply a student of psychology sharing her thoughts – so feel free to correct me on anything!

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RAMADAN TBR!!! | Books To Read This Ramadan

Asalamualaikum/hello everyone – Ramadan Mubarak!!! I hope you have all been having a blessed Ramadan under lockdown, and are making the most of this very different Ramadan, where we have more time to devote ourselves to more personal and individual forms of worship than praying in the mosque with everyone else and the communal iftaars that everyone loves.

Today I’m doing a post I haven’t done in months which is a TBR post!! I really wanted to do this before Ramadan started but here we are. For Muslims, a lot of the time when people think about Ramadan they think fasting, praying and even duaa. But reading Islamic books is also a really important factor because that is gaining Islamic knowledge which is also a form of ibaadah (worship).

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Updating My ‘About’ Page

Asalamualaikum or hello, it’s been a very long time since I posted on this blog and I am very sorry. School hit me like a train of bricks (is that the expression???) and now that it’s the winter holidays I finally have time to regain myself and sort this blog out. I know if you wanted to see my ‘About’ page you could just click onto it and I didn’t need to make a whole post about it, but I wanted to put a spotlight on it because I think it will give my readers more of an idea of what’s happening next.

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