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Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed

Title: Reclaim Your Heart

Author: Yasmin Mogahed

Genre: Islam

Rating: ⭐️ DNF

This is a hugely unpopular opinion, but I found this book to be such a disappointment. Despite being a short 182 pages in length, I was unable to finish reading this. Whilst I understand that there is clearly an audience for a book like this, I think without all the drawbacks and shortcomings it has that prevented me from finishing it – it would be a much better and beneficial read. I think it gives a taste of something good, but does not follow through, and could have been so much more meaningful and long-lasting in my opinion.

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Changing My Reading to Fit Who I am Now…

It’s a weird thing to think about – but because I’ve been so completely absorbed in my studying and academics over the past few years (with the time I haven’t been studying spent with family, friends and living new experiences etc.) – that it has meant that my reading has mainly been left for the holidays and summer months, and so consequently, long periods have passed by where I haven’t been reading any books for pleasure. This has often resulted in me coming back to reading only to find that the books I had previously been reading/eyeing – I’m no longer interested in.

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Life Update! 2022

Hello/salaams everyone! I have unforgivably neglected this blog… and if you’ll look back at my posts over the past few years you might notice a pattern of me ramping up reading and posting throughout the summer months… but as soon as the academic year hits, I’m nowhere to be seen. Alas, I’m unable to maintain a work/life balance when it comes to reading and blogging – and I feel quite ashamed about it, because this blog was something a 15-year-old me was once upon a time effervescently passionate about, and wouldn’t dream of abandoning it for as long as I have been doing so these past few years.

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