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Favourite Online Islamic-Fiction! | Amazing Islamic-Fiction that you can read for FREE

I always talk about Islamic-fiction… or try to, anyway, since it’s something verrryyyy important to me – and despite this, I fully understand that the majority of my readers may be completely inexperienced with the type of Islamic-fiction that I love and want more of, instead of the more mainstream books termed as being “Islamic-fiction” when actually there couldn’t be a bigger contradiction. However, I also realise that not everyone can afford to broaden their horizons when it comes to purchasing books, so I thought offering online options would give people more of an opportunity to explore – and I just generally have some amazing Islamic-fiction recommendations that just so happen to be online (since I’d be fully prepared to pay for this stuff too tbh)!!!

Being Muslim

This blog has been going on since May 2016, and every post is a part of a big story – currently at Part 276! I discovered this blog last summer and was hooked from Part 1.

I binge-read until the current post as I immediately forged a connection with Faz (the main character), a young Muslimah from South Africa, and the whole experience of watching her grow up, get her education, get married and everything was absolutely beautiful and wonderful to take part in! The author does an absolutely amazing job in integrating Islamic principles and Faz is portrayed in such a realistic way that makes someone like me very happy.

I believe we’re currently on the last “season” and I am both terrified and excited to see what the author has in store!!

Muslim Futirism

I have also been following this sister for an equally long time, and can I just say – I am completely obsessed with her work!! Mashallah, she’s done such a brilliant job in – well, everything – I genuinely don’t even know where to start.

First of all, everything is brilliantly written, from every word to every sentence to every paragraph to every post. It is obvious that the writer puts a lot of effort into her writing and this is something I think all readers can appreciate. Also, it’s SCIENCE Islamic-fiction! How cool is that!!! The stories and the world-building are so meticulously and skilfully crafted that it’s impossible not to be filled with admiration but also simultaneously have a really good time reading them.

I would especially highly recommend this to readers who aren’t Muslim!

So these are my top 2 recommendations! I hope you all enjoy checking these out because I love reading the stories from both of these sites so much. Also, if anyone has some recommendations for other sites, please let me know because I’m always eager to expand my Islamic-fiction reading and read more amazing work from my fellow Muslim sisters and brothers!

15 thoughts on “Favourite Online Islamic-Fiction! | Amazing Islamic-Fiction that you can read for FREE”

  1. Slmz subhanallah sister, your recommendation put a HUGE smile on my face🤗 may Allah accept all our efforts and enable us to better ourselves everyday. Jazakillah khair for your lovely words, you made my day❤
    Also I would totally recommend the author is really talented,regular at posting and weaves so many islamic lessons in her story it’s definitely worth a read!

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  2. Walaikumasalam, alhamdullilah I’m so glad – your writing has given me so much joy 🙂 ameen! Barakallahufeekhi ❤

    jazakallakhair for the recommendation – inshallah will definitely check it out!!

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  3. Yesss. I love Being Muslim. One of the most amazing Muslim representations I’ve read 🙌💛

    And HijabiMentat is awesome as well, especially considering my love for Sci-Fi 😍

    There’s many ‘muslim’ blogs out there but most of them fall short with the Islamic representation 😶

    I’ve been reading more Muslim Fiction and it’s just making me more and more angry because of the way Islam is portrayed ☹️

    Recently, I read a comment by a Muslim attacking Islam and talking about how she can’t wait to get out of it etc. I was horrified but nevertheless, she made some good points in her discussion. She said that most of the Islam portrayed in Fiction is the ‘cute Muslims’ who pick and choose what they want to follow and don’t. And they only focus on the parts they want to follow and they ignore the parts they don’t. This gives a ‘cute’ version of Islam to pacify people who want Muslim representation in fiction.

    I totally agree because Islam is an all or nothing religion. Yes, we all have weaknesses and no one can say they’re a perfect Muslim but you should never disregard a law that you feel is not up to your standards. I feel like Muslim Fiction does this nowadays. Islam means submission and this means that no matter your opinion, you have to submit to Allah. Islam is a perfect and complete religion and anything that you don’t agree with or you don’t wish to submit to is your shortfall 🤷‍♀️

    Sorry for the long comment but it’s just a few things on my mind 💞

    Hope your doing good and everything’s going well with school etc 💁‍♀️💜

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  4. Same, they’re both amazing and so precious because things like this are just so rare 😭

    There is a reason why I hardly ever read Muslim/Islamic fiction unless I properly check it otherwise I get seriously angry and it’s really not good for me mentally tbh, it just emotionally drains me.

    That sounds awful to read. That’s terrible! I knew that the portrayal of Islam and Muslims in YA fiction was damaging to Muslims but I didnt think it was as bad as this! honestly, I’m shocked. this is really upsetting.

    I 100% agree with you, sis 👍 Nooo I love your long comments! also feel free to email me anytime if you want to discuss this kind of stuff… sometimes you just need to get it out of your system ❤️

    Alhamdullilah things are good, how about you?

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  5. Yes in a way it is emotionally draining 😒.

    Yes it is awful. Unfortunately it is quite damaging to Muslims.

    Awww thanks sm 💞

    That’s great to hear 💁‍♀️💜
    Yes everything’s well on this side. It’s the holidays so I’ve been quite relaxed 😌.

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  6. Salamu Aleikum Ruqs.

    Jazak’Allah khair sister for your kind words and for being so supportive of my writing, I really appreciate it. I share your trepidations about Islamic fiction. I was very excited to read books labelled as such, only to realize that their portrayal of Muslims was quite problematic. In some cases, the stories even promoted behaviours that are haram in Islam. I felt really disheartened by this and it unfortunately turned me off from Islamic fiction all together. We should never promote stuff that is contrary to our core beliefs under the guise of telling a story. I hope that my stories always stay true to the essence of our Deen, Inshallah.

    I was really excited to find a thriving community of Muslim bloggers on WordPress. Mashallah, there is so much talent and potential here. I always look forward to reading your posts, I’ve learn so much about YA through your reviews. I know you are busy with school at the moment. May Allah ‘aza wajal make it easy for you and may you succeed in it, Inshallah.

    One other site I would recommend for Islamic fiction is Saniyyah Eman’s blog called Obsessed with words.

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  7. Walaikumasalam, barakallahufeekhi!

    Exactly, and I completely understand that – in fact, I think that’s probably the same for me too as I haven’t read any Islamic-fiction in a very long time for that very reason. We absolutely never should, such things are completely unacceptable. Inshallah!

    Me too, I never knew such a community existed lol. Mashallah, it gives me hope for future Islamic-fiction books. Jazakallakhair sister, that means a lot. Ameen, inshallah.

    Ohh, thank you for the recommendation, I will definitely check it out!

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