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Lady Midnight *spoilery*

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Title: Lady Midnight (Dark Artifices #1) // Author: Cassandra Clare // Rating: 2.75/5 // Published: 2016

So I’ve had so many thoughts and mixed feelings on this book and I found that I couldn’t express myself properly in my spoiler-free review without dropping spoilers, so I thought I would do a spoilery review, just to explain my feelings a bit more because I understand my opinion is a very unpopular one!

You can check out my spoiler-free review here and my first-impressions post here.

So I kind of did a bit of an intro to my feelings in the first review, but I’m just going to dive right into it here because I don’t want to repeat myself from the first post, as you can always check that one out.

I like how Emma was despite being physically strong was emotionally vulnerable, in terms of her nightmares, how she gets scared and how she also cries when she needs to, you know?? And I like how she isn’t ashamed of her emotions.

However, she did make a lot of decisions which I found stupid and frustrating, such as how in the end she decided she’d fake a relationship with Mark to try and eliminate Julian’s love for her?? SIS! Julian literally just told you that nothing will stop his love for her? Isn’t the fact that he had painted her for years on end evidence enough for that, and the fact that he’d been trying for so long to kill his love for her, longer than she’d loved him? For years on end? Hello. That is not okay. Don’t you think him loving her for all these years without her even noticing it was torture enough? Seriously.

I didn’t like the controlling side of Julian, because there are just so many quotes where it’s said Julian didn’t like the thought of Emma doing this or that, and also the quote about how he’d destroy a whole city if he thought his family was in danger, and wouldn’t even hesitate. I’m not sure if that’s the definition of love?? Personally, I find that very unhealthy.

He also gave me the impression of someone obsessive over her, which made me feel uncomfortable. The years of paintings of her locked away in that room… sure, I can see how a lot of people find that cute and romantic, but also isn’t that kind of creepy?? I mean if someone who I loved suddenly showed me this room filled with years of pictures of me, sure I might be touched but also kind of creeped out. With the thought that you didn’t realise you had been watched/looked at this way for years?? I don’t know, maybe that’s just me.

I like Emma, as stated before, and how she is a strong female character and capable of standing up for herself, which does make their relationship slightly less creepy than it would’ve been, because I feel like whenever he kind of does become too controlling and let’s his feelings overtake him, Emma does stand up to him.

The plot twist about Malcolm Fade really threw me off. But the plot twist about Julian running the Institute didn’t, I kind of guessed that pretty quickly. But I love the fact Kit is a Herondale! This is perfection because don’t we all love Herondales.

So that is the spoilery edition to my overall review of Lady Midnight. If you loved this book, that’s awesome, good for you, if you didn’t like this book, genuinely hope your next read is amazing. Since my rating is 2.75/5 stars, I almost completely liked the book, so I see no reason not to at least try reading Lord of Shadows, as it’s supposed to be better than this one.

If my reasons for not loving this book don’t make sense to you, then we’ll just have to agree to disagree! Let me know your thoughts on this book, and speak soon!

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  1. I love your review! I definitely didn’t like Emma’s fake dating but I love this plot line. I can’t wait to start A Queen of Air and Darkness! I got it for Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

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