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Lady Midnight *spoiler-free*

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Title: Lady Midnight (Dark Artifices #1) // Author: Cassandra Clare // Rating: 2.75/5 // Published: 2016

I understand this will be a very controversial review, especially my spoilery one to come, but guys if this is your favourite book, or a book you really love, I’m not bashing you for that! These are just my personal thoughts and feelings on this book, and I can totally see how you would love this book. That’s cool. We can just agree to disagree 🙂

I have nothing against long books in general. Usually, I don’t allow the length of a book to intimidate me, but the content of the book to intrigue me, and if the content aligns to my own reading tastes, I know all those pages will fly by.

I read this on OverDrive, so I didn’t actually know how many pages long this book was. But I felt it. The first half lagged and dragged and sagged magnificently. In the end, I was just forcing my way through to reach the climax and finally see what the hype was all about.

Now that I’ve established that this book is very long (688 pages) you may be wondering why on earth I didn’t DNF it, because if you’ve been following me for a while you’d know I DNF quite a lot of books because I don’t see the point in reading a book you don’t like just for the sake of finishing it… I mean, life is short.

And honestly, for the first half it was for the characters. But mainly for Emma. She is a really good protagonist, and she is built up from the start as someone physically strong, and yet emotionally vulnerable, which I liked, because that’s just real. Realness is important in adding dimensions to a character as it makes them more relatable to a reader.

However, despite all this there are some really stupid and frustrating decisions that she makes towards the end of the book that really annoyed me and also that I felt didn’t really align with how her character had been built up from the start of the book. Although it could be argued that she was simply driven by the emotion within her than the intelligence of her brain cells… but I expected more of her, and I feel like she was capable of handling some of those decisions more wisely, and also… I feel like those decisions of hers hadn’t really been justified enough in the book, so it felt out of place for her to do such things.

I also really like the Blackthorn family (except I like Julian a little less, more on that later) – I like how everyone has their own quirks and although they’re not as fleshed out as Emma and Julian, they do really add a lot more spice and specialness to the series, and without them by “.75” would probably be knocked off my rating and it would just be a plain old 2 stars.

Also, there are quite a lot of plot twists, a few of them I predicted, some of them caught me completely off guard! I also really liked Clary, Jace’s and Magnus’s appearances in this book.

Now it seems like I have a lot of likes. But my dislikes outbalanced the likes slightly, thus the 2.75 rating but I’m not going to talk about it in too much detail because spoilers and I can’t find the white text option on the new WordPress, and also because this review is already really long and I need to study lol.

As I read on there were some quotes that really surprised me in terms of Julian’s character, and made me question a bit. I don’t like the controlling and manipulative behaviour that he is shown to have. Fine, I feel like the manipulative behaviour is justified to an extent, but the fact that he doesn’t hesitate to lie at every opportunity it’s called for, doesn’t even hesitate, just does so, adds to the fact that made me uncomfortable, because there’s one thing to lie because you have to but still dislike it and make you feel bad, but there’s another thing to do it without zero hesitation. More on the controlling side of him in my spoilery review.

Also, as with a lot of, if not all, of Clare’s books I’ve read, I feel like there is a lot of unnecessary description that makes the read a lot longer for me. It may seem like the likes I lasted outbalance my dislikes, but this thing about dragging it on, and the length of the book, as well as Julian’s character, were pretty big parts to decreasing my enjoyment of the book.

I understand how this is such a controversial review since the average Goodreads rating for this book is 4.5, and genuinely, if you loved this book, good for you, that’s great, it’s always great when you love a book and I’m totally not bashing that.

It just unfortunately didn’t work for me, but I’m hoping against hope, that I end up loving Lord of Shadows since it’s supposed to be better than Lady Midnight, and I’m also still interested and intrigued to see where the story goes. I know 3 stars is I liked it, but 2.75 stars is like I almost fully liked it, so I feel like since Lord of Shadows is on OverDrive I might as well give it a shot.

Let me know your thoughts on my thoughts and your thoughts on this book, and a spoilery review will be coming soon!

5 thoughts on “Lady Midnight *spoiler-free*”

  1. I’m so sorry you didn’t enjoy this book! I really liked it, but I guess you make some pretty good points: it does drag on a little, I realized that when I wanted to reread it and some of Emma’s choices are a little questionable… I do hope you enjoy Lord of Shadows and then eventually Queen of Air and Darkness!

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  2. I appreciate your honesty. I read the first few chapters and I have a feeling I’ll really like the characters but her writing style has never worked for me. I read 6 other books of hers totals and my average rating is 3.33. I still want to try Lady Midnight but I never really liked how her stories tend to lag.

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  3. Thank you. Honestly that’s how it is with Cassandra Clare, or has been for me, that I end up really liking her characters but disliking either the plot or the writing style or something. I understand that. Honestly the first 50% really dragged, but after that the pace quickened, and I feel like the ending really set it up for a better second book, because I feel like this whole book was a build up and base for the second.

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