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Lord of Shadows *spoilery*

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Rating: 2/5 stars // Published: 2017

If you’re looking for a glowing review, this is not it. I actually enjoyed Lady Midnight more. Nevertheless, I’m going to press onto Queen of Air and Darkness and see what happens because I have really enjoyed some of Cassandra Clare’s other books. Check out my spoiler-free review here.

Seeing as this is 700 pages long I’m kind of upset it ended up only being 2 stars.

First of all, I loved The Mortal Instruments, and so I loved Clary and Jace’s appearance. However, their appearance really wasn’t something I expected. I don’t know as to whether it’s just my reading tastes which have gotten more critical (which is actual facts), but basically I found it that the way they were acting wasn’t how I would expect two people who are twenty one (if I remember correctly) and have accomplished as much as Clary and Jace have, to behave the way they were behaving.

They acted more like fourteen year olds in my opinion, in terms of dialogue, and places where “Jace’s eyes narrowed” and “Jace raised an eyebrow” which I just thought were so out of character for him, or maybe it’s just so out of character for the person I remember him to be, and had thus made out to be in my mind.

I also absolutely detested how Cassandra Clare basically started this off with Clary talking about DYING and then not even going back to it in this book. Not gonna lie, the main reason I’m even reading Queen of Air and Darkness is to find out that Clary, my good friend from The Mortal Instruments, is not going to be killed so as to make the finale more of a finale.

There were also so many boring POVs. Like 60% of the book is boring POVs – with Ty and Kit and Livvy and Dru (or is that Queen of Air and Darkness apologies if I’m mixing this up). Actually, I was going to go on more about other POVs but basically just Ty and Kit are most of the POVs and theirs is so, so, so, soooo boring. So.

I also didn’t see anything between Ty and Kit other than Ty being a quirky little boy and Kit just instantly finding him so beautiful. Like, actually. I don’t know if I’m maybe confusing this with the third book now in terms of how much of that there is, but I read a lot of descriptions of Kit saying how beautiful he found Ty. First of all, I feel like this is Clare trying to start another ship here and I’m NOT FOR IT because this is just getting annoying how many people Clare is just shoving together (more on that later).

Secondly, just no. No. Why can’t they be friends because they have the same interests, or both need friends, or something? Why doesn’t Kit like him because he finds Ty unique or interesting or something? Why does there have to be so much dwelling on appearances?! I honestly pity any character in Clare’s books which isn’t a supermodel because boiii will they stand out like a thorn.

I also don’t get or like this whole “in your blood” thing especially with the “Herondale arrogance”. I mean it’s okay if it’s mentioned once but not several times. Like, if it has to be that way, at least let the kid prove himself to be that instead of having a bunch of people comment on it.

Also, may I add there is approximately 0.0 recurring chemistry between Mark and Christina? Because there is approximately 0.0 recurring chemistry between Mark and Christina! I feel like Clare basically just tossed them together to spice things up a bit, instead it made for more boring moments, if I’m completely honest. Next, please.

I don’t get it how Christina randomly just falls out of love with Diego and I’m given no other reason other than the fact that Clare wanted to start more ships. And guess what. I’m sure you’ll be surprised. ANOTHER love triangle! Originality at it’s finest. Christina is torn between two beautiful Faeries, and yes, you can be sure there are many, many descriptions on how “his eyelashes looked in the sun”.

I also find Christina a pretty boring person if I’m brutally honest. I don’t get why she’s so loved other than the fact she’s Emma’s friend and is helpful?? She’s completely two-dimensional and has 0 flaws which is just plain unrealistic and annoying.

Everyone just says she’s so kind and that she’s so kind and that she’s so kind and that’s it. But in terms of kindness, I personally don’t see much difference between her and Emma. They both just help out when help is needed and do what they need to do. It personally didn’t strike me as particularly special.

I also feel like Julian is just way too overprotective. Like, being at the point where you will destroy a whole city for your family is not love. That’s not cute or caring or what a strong, good, protective brother would do. That’s what someone who has zero feelings for anyone other than his family. It’s not okay to say that you’d destroy a whole city for just a couple of people. It’s never okay. Why is that okay??

Because Julian, if you have to destroy a whole city to save your family, then maybe you just need to leave it in the hands of fate, okay? Because destroying a whole city is just an unthinkable option. Maybe Clare was just exaggerating when she wrote that. Maybe it was a joke or a metaphor or a something. Sure, it might be a part of his character flaws but I find that very disturbing.

TOO MANY LOVE TRIANGLES WHAT IS THIS: Emma and Julian (sooo repetitive), Christina and Diego, Christina and Mark, Christina and Kieran, Mark and Kieran, Kit and Ty, Kit and Livvy… did I miss something? Kit and Jessamine?? Oh yeah, Jessamine’s a ghost. I don’t know if Clare would be able to get away with that one.

Did anyone else find all the pages about Emma and Julian just lounging around in a perfect little cottage having tea and cheese sandwiches and reading Malcolm’s diaries so random and boring?! I’m also *so* bored about this whole parabatai love thing because a) I found it predictable in the first place and b) enough is enough!! Please don’t drag 500 more pages on about it.

I also hated, hated, HATED how Clare just randomly killed off Livvy just to add more punch to the ending, add more action to the final chapter, and raise stakes for the third book. I mean, if you’re going to do this, at least do it well. Annabelle had no reason to stab her, it was super random, and was a bad attempt to add more drama. Also, why did Livvy even go up there in the first place? All I remember is Emma seeing a weird glint in her eye or something and that’s it?

And guys, TELL ME THIS ISN’T JUST ME. Does no one see the similarity? Emma = Jace: no parents, train hard, have weird/sassy moments and Julian = Clary: paint things and are generally nice people (minus Julian saying he’ll destroy a whole city for just a few people *cough* just slightly concerning, you know).

Let’s talk about Zara. One of the worst villains I’ve ever read about. She’s a terrible villain. Literally all she ever does is jump around and scream and pretend to kill people. She has no depth to her whatsoever. Nothing. This is boring.

CAN WE PLEASE just have more about the Useelie King?!!! Probably one of the most or the most interesting character in the book?!!!

Well, my fellow readers, that is my rant officially over. If this is your favourite book, genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, I’m glad for you because a) it’s super long so more enjoyment and b) Clare always seems to be coming out with a new shadow hunter book so also more enjoyment for you. Like, it’s a convenient series to love, if you know what I mean.

ANYWHO, these are just my thoughts!! I’m not asking you to agree with me, we’ll probably just have to agree to disagree on certain if not all matters concerning this book. Tell me your thoughts on this book!!

6 thoughts on “Lord of Shadows *spoilery*”

  1. First of all, great review! I read this book so long ago that I don’t remember everything you mentioned here, but you do have some good points! I’ll try to remember everything because you had millions of good points 😂
    1) yes, the POV’s were really boring, I didn’t care about Kit or Ty or Christina, that was really annoying
    2) Kit and Ty were also super annoying and Clare didn’t give them a good end in Queen of Air and Darkness, that was pretty disappointing
    3) the whole love triangle with Christina, Mark and Kieran was also very annoying, it was a little too much
    4) I also didn’t understand why Livvy had to die, that was pretty random
    5) I really wanted to say one more thing but I forgot haha
    Really really great review and I absolutely agree with your points, although I really love the series, but Lord of Shadows is my least favorite!

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  2. Thank you!! Lol thank you so much ❤ 😂 Yeah I double agree with everything you said! I'm glad that you love the series, I'm currently 68% through Queen of Air and Darkness and I'm unsure as to what I'm going to rate it… how did you find it?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I thought it was way better than Lord of Shadows, but Lady Midnight was definitely the best one! It was very very slow the first 200/300 pages and dragged on a little bit, but then when Emma and Julian were portaled to Thule, I really loved it!

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  4. Ohh I didn’t really like Lady Midnight I gave it 2.5, Lord of Shadows 2, and Queen of Air and Darkness SAME I agree as soon as part 2 started it was like WOW FINALLY THIS IS WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR!!

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