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Queen of Air and Darkness *spoilery* – Part 3

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Rating: 2/5 stars

I hoped for this to be the last part but it’s now confirmed that I definitely have too much to say for my own good and that shall not be entertained due to problems that consist of simply going on a tangent (but hey, what else are blogs for?).

This part will be covering:

  • Unrealistic dialogue
  • The length of the book
  • Predictability of the book

(this is me from the time where I am beginning to write this post and LET ME TELL YOU I am praying that I won’t end up doing a part 4 for this book because that’s just a lot but we’ll see I don’t want to overwhelm to many eyeballs).

So, I’m going to start with unrealistic dialogue. This is actually a pretty major part of the book so I’m not sure why this ended up in part 3 I should have identified this and put it in part 1. But if you’ve been following this little series you know it isn’t very organised, and everything is just randomly dumped into different parts, it is not a methodical approach, at all. This is not me trying to be smart and organised here, it’s just me who has way too much to say for her own good.

Allow me to give you some examples which I found in the quotes section of Goodreads because I am DEFINITELY not a good enough blogger to actually make notes while reading a book, like seriously? Do you expect that of me? ““Alec and I are unafraid to express our manly love,” said Jace. “Sometimes he carries me around like a swooning damsel.”
“Really?” said Kit.
“No,” said Jace. “I’m very heavy, especially when fully armed. What did you want to talk to me about?”
“Actually, that,” said Kit.
“My weight?”
 ” and ““There is fire inside us, Emma, and as it blazes, it burns us, and the burning causes pain—but without its light, I cannot see to draw.” ” and“. I’ll find you something. Something that says Herondale.”
“I could slay with my deadly sense of humor and wicked charm,” said Kit.
“Now that says Herondale.” Jace looked pleased.”
 ” and“He’s a filthy pervert. Jace should stand for Consul instead.” “I am also a filthy pervert,” said Jace, “or at least I aspire to be. You have no idea what I get up to in my spare time. Just last week I asked Clary to buy me a—” ” Literally I could go on, because again, these are all just random quotes I found from the Goodreads quotes section. If I’m ever possessed with the notion to reread this book, I’d be sure to take notes for you all. But for now, we’ll have to go with this.

Ok also can I just quickly talk about the second last quote I put in, because this whole Kit saying “deadly sense of humour and wicked charm” is something that I find is completely out of character for him, and something that I feel Clare just put in to make Kit more apart of the Herondales, but I feel like this is kind of contradictory to what we’re originally shown Kit to be, which is basically a guy who is quirky enough to love Ty and be willing to be his Watson and his shadow and all? Does that make sense? I find this confusing. The last quote also ties in what I said in the first part of this little series about Jace and Clary.

I’m sorry, I went on a tangent, going back to the unrealistic dialogue. I found 95% of the dialogue to be cringe and 5% of it was where Clare actually hit the nail on the head and brought out some good humour. The thing is, the good humour is only 5% out of 95% so I do not see that the other 95% part is fully justified, if that makes sense. I literally felt like there were tweens and early teens talking in this book, not late teens and early twenties. Let’s not forget these are all brilliant warriors we’re talking about.

Another part I found utter cringe was when Aline just randomly threw a lamp, out of the blue?!! Literally. Everyone was just discussing something and then suddenly there was a crash and Aline had thrown a lamp. And it was just awkward and not at all well done. It made me even feel awkward and I technically wasn’t even there. Imagine how Emma and Julian and Alec and Magnus and all the rest of them felt. Except for Helen, of course. Also, some of the scenes on the whole power of family love were just cringe!! Yes, family love it’s amazing, it’s fabulous, but no matter how good a concept may be, if it’s not well done… it’s not well done.

Moving on, I am baffled as to why I am talking about the length of the book in the fourth part as this should be in the first part but you probably know by now that I’m a mess and I talk too much and I always go on a tangent, so I’m sure that’s excuse enough lol. But let me break this down for you, okay, this book is: NINE HUNDRED PAGES LONG.

That’s right, you read that right. NINE HUNDRED. 900. I kid you not, when I say that I genuinely feel quite a large part of that was filler and fluff, and that the bulk of this book could be greatly reduced. Which is most certainly unfortunate and also one of the main reasons by rating of this book was 2 stars.

I also found this book pretty predictable in quite a few areas?? Is this just me??

Aaaandddd alas, we have arrived at the end of this post as I still need to talk about the writing and the ending, and I have a lot to say about those two things, so it turns out we have to unfortunately (or fortunately?? maybe fortunately?? 🙂 lengthen this series to a hopefully final (I’m making no promises what if I go on another tangent and isn’t this what blogs are for) part, which will be the fourth part. Let me know your thoughts about this book!!!

4 thoughts on “Queen of Air and Darkness *spoilery* – Part 3”

  1. Haha, again I seriously connect with everything you’re saying, so yessss, a fourth one! Secondly, yes, the dialogue made me cringe sooooo hard sometimes, like wtf Jace? That was so random and he wasn’t at all like this in Clare’s other series… and also that lamp-throwing??? Like what was that? Who randomly throws a lamp? That person must have serious anger issues…
    And I do see what you mean with the length. I felt the first 300 pages were really really slow paced, but then I felt the plot was moving faster and more exciting and enjoyable! So again, I love your review, as always!😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw thank you! ❤ Yes exactly!! thats what I was thinking I didn't remember him to be like that?!! Ikr the lamp-throwing was just sooo awkward and weird. I feel like it could've been done in a way in which it wasn't super cringe and weird and awkward… but yh very far from the way it was done here lol. Ohh ok, I'm glad you found the rest of the pages exciting and enjoyable! thank you so much ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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