Content Warnings

On the 20th August of last year (basically a year ago) I published a post on content warnings which you can see here. I ranted about how books need more thorough content warnings because sexual content *cue frustrated eye roll* (and allow me to expose myself with how I have never been able to do an actual 360 degrees eye roll, idk why I’m just too lame for it I guess). I also pledged to include content warnings in all my reviews, and approximately 840290832 reviews later, here I am back at it again, with approximately zero (0) reviews with content warnings (go me!).

Basically, if you haven’t read my two previous posts on fiction and YA, you should check them out because they will supply a good background information on why I want to change and add more content warnings. In short, I have had enough of sexual content in YA books, or all books (although I have usually been reading YA books).

99% of YA books have sexual content and I have found it extremely difficult to find that 1% in my past 2 years of searching (where I have found myself constantly falling back on the same borderline MG books when recommending sexual-free books to people). This is something that I have found extremely frustrating.

So along with deciding I want to try and not read YA books or books that aren’t really beneficial (basically YA books) and focus more on non-fiction, I’ve also decided that whenever I mention books I’ve read, I want to actually try and include content warnings for each of them, at least on as much as I can remember. Because I have read many books, and so hopefully it turns out to be helpful for other people out there.

I realise this is exactly the same as the post I did last year, but the difference is I actually want to do it okay? Because I remember feeling doubtful about it last year because sometimes there are things I didn’t even realise would be considered as content warnings that I have seen in other content warnings, but I’m going to try my best!

4 thoughts on “Content Warnings”

  1. YES! I totally agree with you!!! And I need content warnings! I remember reading certain YA books when I was like 13 and I was totally shocked and didn’t know what to think!!! So yes, I’m all for that!

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