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Should Books Have Content Ratings? | Let’s Talk Bookish #9

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Let’s Talk Bookish – the weekly bookish meme every Friday hosted by the lovely Rukky @ Eternity Reads and Dani @ Literary Lion. I’m one day late for this post – oops! But this week’s topic is so interesting and I have so much to say on it that I decided to go ahead and post it anyway 🙂 I’ve actually done a post on content warnings previously, which you can see here.

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Content Warnings

On the 20th August of last year (basically a year ago) I published a post on content warnings which you can see here. I ranted about how books need more thorough content warnings because sexual content *cue frustrated eye roll* (and allow me to expose myself with how I have never been able to do an actual 360 degrees eye roll, idk why I’m just too lame for it I guess). I also pledged to include content warnings in all my reviews, and approximately 840290832 reviews later, here I am back at it again, with approximately zero (0) reviews with content warnings (go me!).

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Why I Don’t Want to Read YA Anymore

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I basically live and breathe YA books, so this is something pretty big. Recently, I did a post titled “The Sad Truth about Reading Fiction”, and after publishing it I realised I managed to overlook the primary reason why I have decided I need to stop reading YA books, and how it is not just because I’m getting bored of genres like YA fantasy (where you can read a thousand books by simply reading one).

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