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Bookish/Blogging Myths | Let’s Talk Bookish #1

Let’s Talk Bookish is a bookish meme hosted by J.R. @ Eternity Books every Friday. This week’s discussion is on bookish/blogging myths. It’s an interesting thing to think about concerning books and blogging, and it was fun to come up with some ideas!

writing reviews are easy

A lot of people underestimate the job of book reviewers! They have to read a book, assess the book, assess their feelings and then write a comprehensible and comprehensive review on it and then sum all their thoughts up with a single rating. That isn’t always nearly easy – especially since sometimes you just felt iffy about a book without knowing why and getting to that why can be tricky.

Also, writing isn’t that easy! I really struggle with not making my reviews all disjointed and all over my place, because when I start writing, my thoughts all come out in one big fart instead of organised sections, which can be extremely inconvenient.

writing books are easy

I don’t know about you – but have you ever heard people talking (and I have, multiple times) about how they’re going to just casually write a book one day? Like “oh yeah, I want to write a book” or “I’m thinking of doing fantasy because I like dragons”. Ahem, it is NOT that simple!! It always annoys me, I really don’t think writers and authors alike aren’t given enough credit.

consistent posting

When I first started my blog, I thought it would be the easiest thing in the world to bang out a post every day. HELLO?!!! I had no idea what I was signing myself up for 😂 (but really, I love blogging with all my heart, but it’s not easy staying consistent – I didn’t do an update post in May until after my exams because I was sure I would be able to squeeze one in somewhere… spoiler alert, I didn’t).

What do you think about these? 🙂

9 thoughts on “Bookish/Blogging Myths | Let’s Talk Bookish #1”

  1. All of these! Writing reviews is so so so not easy! Especially when you aren’t in the mood to do so, which is usually my dilemma. The writing books one annoys me so much because I’ve been trying and failing for years to complete ONE story. And then someone comes and just says, “That? Pfft, I can do it in one day.” and my blood boils. My family doesn’t understand why I haven’t finished a book yet and I’ve stopped trying to explain lol. And the consistent posting one 😂😂 I’ve already missed two posts this past week and I was thinking it’d be super easy to prepare one every night. So many myths, so many expectations that are sadly not true.

    Great post and thank you so much for participating!!

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  2. Yes I know! I totally agree. SAME, I really struggle with writing – it’s compleltey understandable! Writing is a muscle – the more we practice the bigger it goes 🙂 you’re wrelcome, thank you!

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  3. Ahhh, somehow I missed your post?! Anyways, I totally agree with all three things! First, writing reviews can be so devastating – sometimes I’m not even sure how many stars to give that book…
    And yes – blogging definitely isn’t easy. I often feel so stressed after school because I have to study and do my homework and also write a post, but I don’t want to come home and start writing right away, you know what I mean?
    And OMG people who think “Ah, I would like to write a book, shouldn’t be too difficult” and then think they can write a book before even researching something or thinking about the plot – that’s annoying haha.
    Happy reading!

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