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Should Books Have Content Ratings? | Let’s Talk Bookish #9

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Let’s Talk Bookish – the weekly bookish meme every Friday hosted by the lovely Rukky @ Eternity Reads and Dani @ Literary Lion. I’m one day late for this post – oops! But this week’s topic is so interesting and I have so much to say on it that I decided to go ahead and post it anyway 🙂 I’ve actually done a post on content warnings previously, which you can see here.

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Content Warnings

On the 20th August of last year (basically a year ago) I published a post on content warnings which you can see here. I ranted about how books need more thorough content warnings because sexual content *cue frustrated eye roll* (and allow me to expose myself with how I have never been able to do an actual 360 degrees eye roll, idk why I’m just too lame for it I guess). I also pledged to include content warnings in all my reviews, and approximately 840290832 reviews later, here I am back at it again, with approximately zero (0) reviews with content warnings (go me!).

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Content Warnings… *deep sigh*

I’ve read many books – from fantasy to contemporary to science-fiction – with stories diverting from a range of ideas and sequences of events – and these books either being classic or modern or ancient… and none of them included any content warnings whatsoever… and it’s not that they didn’t require content warnings, either. Continue reading “Content Warnings… *deep sigh*”