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Currently Reading #1

Hey everyone!

So I’m currently reading three books at the moment, and since I missed WWW Wednesday, I figured whenever I do miss that wonderful meme, I’ll just make a currently reading post. I came back from camping a few hours ago and that forced me to pick up a book I didn’t think I would anytime soon, so of course I have to talk to you all about it. 

Kingdom of Ash

Image result for kingdom of ashSo first things first, if you’ve just been following this blog for… a little while, you’d probably know that I’m reading this gigantic beast of a book, spanning over a thousand pages, consisting of a load of different narratives and storylines all merging together into what I hope will be an incredibly satisfying ending to one hell of a fantasy series.

Since my last post, there hasn’t been as much progress through this book as I would like. I did want to finish it this weekend but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, which is fine!

My new goal is to finish it by next weekend. Let’s see if it happens – if it doesn’t it’s probably because I have exams coming up, but hopefully!

Children of Blood and Bone

Image result for children of blood and boneNow if you’ve been following this blog since August (when I first purchased this book on Kindle) you’ll know I’ve been on and off with this book. More on that here.

I don’t know about any of you guys, but it takes me a while to fall asleep in a new place. While I was waiting for sleep to overtake me, I started reading this again, from 15%, because it was on my Kindle and I tend to read most of my books on OverDrive our Amazon Fire.

And I’m happy to say this book has grabbed me in! I think I can officially say I’m immersed into this story, and now at 25%, I’m enjoying it and am definitely interested to see what happens next.

The Darkest Minds

Image result for the darkest mindsI’m literally only 2-3 chapters through and I’m already hooked. However, I feel like I won’t be able to continue it for long because I’ve already renewed this twice from the library and I’ll probably need to return it soon before I’ve even finished it.

So there will probably be a bit of a gap before I next go to the library and am able to check it out again.

But this is such a unique and interesting concept within this genre and I’m so excited to finish this and watch the movie – although I’ve heard significantly mixed ratings about it.

But anyway, let’s see what happens!

What do you all think about these books? Speak soon!

8 thoughts on “Currently Reading #1”

  1. I actually want to read all of these books! I’ve just borrowed Children if Blood and Bone from the library this week (can’t wait to read it!) I’ve wanted to read it for ages, but it’s only just turned up in the library, so it’s been a long wait. I just hope it’ll be worth it!

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