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Update on Reading Kingdom of Ash |715 pages through

Hello friends!

So I didn’t post yesterday because I didn’t have time to pull a WWW Wednesday post because studies. But I’m 73% through Kingdom of Ash and my feelings are turning a little less obsessive and a little more tired because oh my lord this book is LONG.

The first part of it (this book is divided into two parts – part two starting around halfway through) was pure amazingness. Pure epicness. I was so pumped for part two I was like YES YES YES. And then part 2 came and I was just like yes, yes, no, yes, no, no…

I mean it’s just LONG. It’s way too long. To get through the 980 pages in itself is an incredible feat, fantastic book or not. Now the length of this book is really sinking in. I’m 715 pages through and I’m wondering when the ending is going to come. I mean I know it’ll come in 260 pages but… do you see what I’m trying to say??

This book should’ve at least been split into two books. A lot of people, including me, got even more excited when they find out it was 980 pages because that in itself just sounds so magnificent and awesome and everything. But the truth is, I haven’t even finished the book yet and I‘m sure there are a lot of unnecessary scenes that do not connect to the final ending of the book.

Nesryn and Sartaq are boring. Chaol and Yrene are boring. Things like that, that could have been cut off and just replaced with a few lines or sentences or even paragraphs but not whole chapters. Do you see what I mean? Thus, the bulk and filler of the book could be reduced.

Also I already think there is too much action and not enough purpose. I feel like the Aedion chapters could have been reduced when they were not the focus of the story when the focus of the story was Aelin (at the beginning).

But I AM enjoying it! I was LOVING LOVING LOVING it in the first part but now it’s dragging on a bit too much. But I am enjoying it! Tell me your thoughts on this book! 

5 thoughts on “Update on Reading Kingdom of Ash |715 pages through”

  1. I really enjoyed the book! I think the length is really cool, but I can see why it can be intimidating! I thought it was really nice to see so many different viewpoints, don’t worry, it all adds up at the end. And I’d hold your horses on unnecessary scenes too…you never know what will suddenly become really important!

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