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Top 5 Books Under 300 Pages | Top 5 Tuesday

Hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to another Top 5 Tuesday post. The past 2 months I haven’t missed a single Top 5 Tuesday (well, I made up for it) so yay for consistency something I consistently struggle with!

A Tangled Web by L M Montgomery

One book I really don’t talk about enough AT ALL. This is one of my favourite L M Montgomery books after the Anne of Green Gables series and The Blue Castle (then after this it’s the Emily of New Moon series). This book is witty, hilarious and filled with a colourful cast of characters that will keep you intrigued with the turn of every page. It is an extremely entertaining read that I would highly recommend.

*completely clean*

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

This is one of my favourite books of ALL TIME. I was reading it for a literature class and went shamelessly ahead of everyone else and finished this book in 3 days flat. It is so fascinating and for a while after all I was doing was researching analysis of the book and watching documentaries about it. My essays for this book were extremely long, lol!

*completely clean*

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Although I gave this book 4 not 5 stars, I still really enjoyed this – the dialogue, the chemistry between the characters and witnessing the ups and downs of the plot were highly entertaining and absolutely engrossing.

*completely clean*

The Blue Castle by L M Montgomery

THIS BOOK DESTROYED ME IN EVERY GOOD WAY POSSIBLE. I was taken completely aback with how utterly AMAZING this book is. It is so, so hilarious – I laughed so much it was unbelievable, and I’ve read it twice both times under 24 hours (the second time in one sitting on the plane). The unique premise and the wonderful characters along with L M Montgomery’s signature writing and dialogue makes his book UTTER PERFECTION.

CW: one kiss between a married couple with no detail

If I Should Speak by Umm Zakiyyah

So far all I’ve done is ramble praises and this book is no exception. This is my favourite Islamic-fiction book of all time. When I finished it (at 5am on Eid since my aunt gave it to me as an early Eid present!) I literally felt like I had been converted to Islam even though I am blessed enough to be born into it. Even if you aren’t Muslim I would highly recommend reading it, just to learn more about the fastest growing religion in the world πŸ™‚

CW: a mention of having a relationship outside of marriage but there is no detail and that is very far from the focus of the story

This was surprisingly tricky! I didn’t realise how many books I read over 300 pages – in fact, the majority of my favourite books are actually above 300 pages which is pretty insane. What do you think about the books I mentioned?

16 thoughts on “Top 5 Books Under 300 Pages | Top 5 Tuesday”

  1. I haven’t read much of LM Montgomery outside of the Anne books. I’ll have to check some more out. Good job on a hard topic!

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  2. If you enjoyed the Anne books you’re bound to love at least the Emily books – and The Blue Castle and A Tangled Web are both 10/10 reads! Thank you!


  3. Awesome post! And it really is hard to find books with less than 300 pages haha! And I had no idea Frankenstein and Pride and Prejudice were so short lol!!! I really have to read Frankenstein soon and reread Pride and Prejudice (and actually finish it this time haha)!
    Happy reading!

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  4. I loved the Anne books but actually never checked out any other books by Ms. Montgomery. I didn’t even know she had other books besides Anne’s lol. I’ll definitely be checking out A Tangled Web and The Blue Castle! Great post πŸ’š

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