Why do I read fiction?

Hey everyone, today’s post is going to be more of a discussion post, and something that I ponder about a lot. I’m a very religious person, so I’m always trying to make sure that I’m doing something productive, worthwhile and beneficial, at least most of the time.

One thing that a lot of people may consider a waste of time is reading fiction – especially in the large quantities that I devour. I’ve really thought about this a lot, because I don’t want all the many hours I read fiction stories to be wasteful, of course.

I know everyone has their own reasons as to why they do things. I have several reasons as to why I read fiction, and please share me yours in the comments section. But for now, let’s start with the most obvious one.

I really enjoy reading fiction, and as a teenage girl, there aren’t many things I enjoy doing, surprisingly enough. I don’t like cooking or baking, I don’t play many games except for Subway Surfers every now and again because it is literally so relaxing for me, I’m not a sporty person although I do work out regularly, I’m not someone who finds pleasure in cleaning or tidying, although it does bring me satisfaction. I’ve stopped watching loads of movies and only watch a few that I know I’m really going to like, or I’ll start a movie and stop it. As a result, I rarely join my family in on movie nights.

In short, I’m a very fussy person lol. These are just my personal preferences, if you love any of the things I don’t, that’s cool! However, the things that I do love, I do a lot of – which can consist of reading, talking to my friends, going out, etc. The main thing being reading, which has been a favourite since I could read, basically.

So the main reason being that I enjoy it. I love it. I am actually obsessed with reading, although not non-fiction – but fiction. I love being in other worlds, meeting a whole range of cast, and following them on their journey. So that’s the main reason why I read fiction.

Also, I’m a writer. I’m an aspiring author. The top tip for writers is to read. I know I’m not going to write a non-fiction book, but a fiction book. Therefore, I read loads of fiction – I read it to observe the way characters develop, the way worlds are built, the way a storyline forms.

And even if a book is fictitious, you can still learn so much from it?! So, that is definitely also a reason. When I started this post I thought I would come up with a million reasons but now I’m stuck at three lol. Three main, big reasons as to why I read fiction. What are yours?

7 thoughts on “Why do I read fiction?”

  1. I LOOOVE THIS POST! πŸ’• I’m exactly the same way – I don’t really have a lot of other interests or hobbies, but reading is the best! And YES I totally agree, fiction is amazing πŸ™‚

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