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Rating: 5/5 // Published: 2019

Well, hi there! Allow me to just causally mention that I was actually hyperventilating in the last part of this book, internally shrieking and screaming and squealing because I couldn’t do it externally for complicated reasons I’d rather conveniently avoid, and that so many of the lines were like a blow to the stomach, an arrow to the heart, and a knife to the throat. AHHHHHHHHH <- (try and imagine me screaming at the top of my lungs as realistically and loudly as possible and you wont even get to a closely accurate picture)

LISTEN UP. I feel like maybe I was a bit too critical and harsh on The Cruel Prince when I read it. Because people are saying that they enjoyed the first book more than the second book and I’m just here screaming (once again) because DID I MISS SOMETHING?!! Did I read the wrong first book or am I just not okay (probably and most possibly the latter)?!?!

Excuse me if this review is a mess because, quite frankly, I am a mess. I was a mess anyway but this book has made me even more of a mess. A wreck. A complete and utter, babbling wreck. My mind is reeling, my heart is racing, everything in my brain is spinning. And as far as hyperbole goes, this really isn’t very far from the truth.

WOW THIS BOOK GOT ME SO BAD. I’ve kind of beginning to pride myself in be able to pick up some hints from authors and then predict endings, but I swear Holly Black just caught me completely off guard.

Honestly, R.I.P. all aspiring writers including myself who have read or are going to read this book. Honestly just R.I.P. Because how can I live up to this. HOW. I saw zero coming my way, ZERO. None of the millions of plot twists. Not even one. Shame on me. Well, I would be ashamed except for the fact that this book IS SO BRILLIANT, I would never expect it of any human being.

Alright fine, I’m definitely exaggerating way too much for my own good. But you have to read this, okay?? Just – go read it! Thats ALL I HAVE TO SAY. I clearly am in no state of mind to write anything more coherent than this, and if I try, this post will be approximately five billion words long and unfortunately we all have lives to live so that will not be in order.

If you loved the first book, I see approximately 0 reason as to why you wouldn’t love this. This is actually ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BOOKS I might even like it a teensy bit more than I loved Lifel1k3 and that ending for Lifel1k3 was a freaking bomb in the face, and this was like a hurricane.

There’s only one more question which I am seriously concerned about. HOW WILL I WAIT UNTIL 2020?!!! THIS IS CRUELTY. THIS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. 2019 LITERALLY JUST STARTED.

Also will I even remember this book in 2020??? I know it’s amazing, but 2020 feels like three millenniums away and I think about how much would’ve happened in terms of my own personal life then it actually kinda makes me feel dizzy with a great sense of overwhelming. This year is going to be a really big year for me in my personal life, and 2020 just feels insane and crazy to think about.

Well, all I can say is, Holly Black, you are a genius. Thank you for destroying me. Please write more.

What are your thoughts on this book??? Speak soon!!

8 thoughts on “THE WICKED KING”

  1. We have the same thoughts with the first book! I mean, it was good by when the plot twists sprung up but that was that. The Wicked King, however, is a [censored] gem! TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOUR REVIEW AHHAHA. Also, I bet we’re gonna reread the whole series again by 2020. That title for the 3rd book is so [censored] acccurate!

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  2. I also loved this book, but I loved the first one too. And all the other HB fae books that feed into this series. Seriously, I highly recommend the series that Roiben is in, and also Severin from TCP. Just read all her books!!

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  3. Yes I totally agree with you!! But honestly, rereading the whole series when there are so many other awesome books that are always coming out so cool 😂 and YES now I totally understand where the title came from, otherwise before I was so baffled 😂😂

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