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First-Impressions: Frankenstein

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I have always meant to read Frankenstein – it’s been on my list with Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre and all the rest of it.

I had no idea I’d enjoy it this much. I did not enjoy Wuthering Heights and didn’t finish it, but now I realise it was due to me simply following the storyline, and not actually understanding any of the many deeper meanings to the book. The deeper meanings to Frankenstein, however, is something I’m feeling much more keenly, and enjoying even more.

I’ve highlighted countless passages on my Kindle already, and intend to go over and write all of them down afterwards. There’s also a documentary called “The Secret Life of Books – Frankenstein” by the BBC which I highly recommend watching. I’m only a few minutes through but am already fascinated.

I’m not much of a literary genius when it comes to analysis and deeper meanings, but from what I have gathered so far, it’s safe to say I’m engrossed and can’t wait to dive deeper, and then learn more about the context of the book, and all the analysis.

I love how Mary Shelley is posing such a strong question here – and how she has me absolutely lost for an answer. On one hand, I feel utmost sympathy for Frankenstein, because he really was just a scientist that got way too carried away, and I do believe he didn’t have any truly evil intentions, and on the other hand, I feel the utmost sympathy for the monster, because he was truly and originally a good person, despite what he may look like, and was simply seeking as what any human would seek, so who can blame him of that?

Clearly, I’m torn. Perhaps the end of the novel will leave me in more certainty as to which side I sympathise and agree more with, or perhaps it won’t! What are your thoughts on this compelling story?

5 thoughts on “First-Impressions: Frankenstein”

  1. Great that you enjoy it so much! I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the book, mainly because it wasn’t what I expected going into it and I wasn’t creeped out at all.

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  2. I feel you! Totally torn right now, and also in shock as I just finished chapter 8 and that was NOT what I was expecting. I’m excited to keep reading though! πŸ˜‰

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