Why I LOVE Anne of Green Gables SO MUCH

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that Anne of Green Gables is one of my most favourite books ever and this series is very, very close to my heart. You would also know L M Montgomery is one of my favourite authors, and her other works such as The Blue Castle (!!) and the Emily Starr trilogy, The Story Girl and A Tangled Web – I love so much too.

Onto the reasons why I am so unhealthily obsessed (though it may not come across like that in my posts but I know way too much about this series lol – most of which I learned when I was eleven and in the height of this obsession) with this series 😍 

When I was younger I used to know quotes (which I have now forgotten – perhaps replaced with Chemistry or Physics or some other studying stuff) I used to research background about the books and rave on and on about them with my aunt who actually gifted me the series and really opened up the world of Prince Edward Island to me – a gift that I am eternally grateful for.

It’s a happy series… nothing to be depressed about

Whenever I crack open any of these books – it lets out a waft of happiness that I instantly ingest. It’s not that these books are constantly happy happy happy Anne does have her “scrapes” but with them bring memorable lessons learned, and I just love it all so much.

Whenever I was sad I would read a passage from one of these books and then would end up reading a lot more and whatever brief grief that had come upon me would be quite quickly forgotten and cast away.

Anne isn’t perfect, but she does her best and is always learning

This is always a reminder to me. You don’t have to look perfect – you don’t have to be perfect – you just have to do your best and do it dutifully, and that is perfectly fine. We all make mistakes and we all learn from them. This message is so important and I love it so much – something that L M Montgomery expresses beautifully throughout these books.

Anne is quite similar to me

Anne and I are quite similar (as I mentioned in my post on rereading Anne of Green Gables). We both talked a lot when we were younger and both began to talk less as we grew older. We are both obsessed with reading and have both tried a hand at writing (and I am still trying!). We both do our best with studying and detest maths (which is geometry – and Anne has an especial mortification for geometry). And we both have quite bad tempers (which we both need to learn to control lol!).

And lastly, let’s end with an Anne of Green Gables quote…


I could go on and on about how much I love these books but it would turn into a long ramble, so I’m leaving it here! Have you read this book yet? If you share that same love of Anne of Green Gables, why do you love it so much? Do you agree with any of my reasons? 

Speak soon!

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