Should You Transition to Reading On a Kindle?

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog. Today’s post is on a topic that I’ve always wanted to discuss. Upon being gifted a Kindle by my parents 7 years ago, I have read a huge majority of books on my Kindle, reading ebooks. At this point, I have around 350 books on my Kindle, and excluding the few that were purchased for my siblings, I have read most of them. My family also has an Amazon Fire, which I also used to read many books on OverDrive, and have been doing so for many years. I want to discuss whether it is worth transitioning your reading to ebooks (on a Kindle or Amazon Fire… but ideally a Kindle as being an eReader, the screen is kinder to the eyes), and the pros and cons that come with it.

My parents gifted me a Kindle Paperwhite because due to various reasons, we simply did not have the storage to, for example, facilitate to the 350 books that I have now amassed on my Kindle. eBooks are also so much cheaper to purchase on the Kindle than physical copies, and back then there were loads of free books available on Kindle, including all the classics which I eagerly devoured. Now, unfortunately, there aren’t as many free books as there were then, but nevertheless, it’s still a big save buying ebooks at the cheaper price they are (however, it is true that sometimes ebooks can be the same price as physical copies, or occasionally even more expensive depending on what book you’re buying).

I’ve heard all the arguments – it is worth spending the extra coin on purchasing a physical copy of a book for the reading experience. You’re also much more able to appreciate beautiful covers when you can actually hold and stroke them! However, I would argue that the Kindle reading experience is also one to be treasured – as it affords you the convenience and comfiness that isn’t always possible with hard/paperbacks. Whilst I remember the transition was difficult at first, there came a point where I was so used to reading on a Kindle that it became exactly the same, and then there came a time when I actually preferred reading on my Kindle than with a physical book, because I was so accustomed to doing so.

When I was 12 years old, instead of carrying my phone around in my bag, I carried my Kindle. I remember I specifically picked out a bag that would be large enough to hold my Kindle, and I took it everywhere. I would read it at other people’s houses when I had nothing else to do, I would sit and read outside, I would take it when I knew we were going on a long and drawn-out shopping trip with lots of standing around and waiting and whenever we were travelling, reading in hotel lobbies and receptions. It was amazing to me that this one easily transportable device was the key to all possible boredom, anywhere.

Reading on the Kindle also gives you much more comfortable reading positions than with a book. My favourite was lying down on my bed, and leaning on my side with my Kindle propped up by its case. I spent many hours late at night and early into the morning – all throughout my teens – secretly huddled under my covers, where in the dim light emitted by my Kindle, I remained transfixed by countless stories. It was a massive game-changer. I remember before my Kindle, it was much harder to read books late at night because I shared a room with my sister who would get extremely annoyed with me when I turned the lamp on to read (and it was also much more noticeable to my parents). On more desperate occasions, I remember sitting in the hallway and reading in the light from the bathroom. It is also easier to get tired when you are sitting up and holding a book in your hands than if you’re lying down holding nothing.

I can’t deny the enjoyment that comes with reading a physical book. I no longer just read books on my Kindle, and am now fortunately in a position where I can purchase physical books if I want to, and have bought a few the past year. I do love reading them, but I also do appreciate the advantages of reading a Kindle, and therefore am happy to continue spending the majority of my reading on my Kindle!

I hope I may have been able to convince you to buy a Kindle if you were unsure, or to perhaps slowly switch to a mix of reading both ebooks and physical copies! Let me know… do you read on a Kindle or do you read physical copies? Which do you prefer and why?

1 thought on “Should You Transition to Reading On a Kindle?”

  1. My sister gave me her Nook many years ago, and when it died (well, it didn’t die so much as Windows 10 conflicted with getting the ARC files through Adobe), I got a Kindle. Yes, I still read physical books as well.

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