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Top 5 Fantasy – Sept 18

Yes, another Top 5 Tuesday! I’ve been loving these September topics!! …OKAY FINE, if you’ve been following this blog for some time, you’re not going to learn anything new, because I’ve already raved about these books loads of times on this blog (because that’s what bookish blogs are for, right?) – but at least your suspicions will be confirmed, and perhaps you’ll be even more convinced to read these books if you haven’t already…

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The Lunar Chronicles Tag

Hey guys!

So if you’ve been following this blog for a while, you would know that I recently finished The Lunar Chronicles and I loved loved loved it, so I decided to do the Lunar Chronicles tag, which I found somewhere on WordPress Reader but I am unsure as to who originally made this tag, so if you have made this tag please be sure to let me know so I can give the due credit 🙂

Anyways before I jump right into the tag I just want to share this amazing fan art! It’s absolutely beautiful, and here it is. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the artist’s page or anything, but there is a watermark so I’m assuming that is the artist’s, so all credit is to the artist, of course.

From the top left hand corner: Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Winter. From the bottom left hand corner: Kai, Wolf, Thorne, Jacin.

Favourite book?

Cress! It is just bursting with action with the turn of each page, and I was on absolute tenterhooks. It wasn’t unbearably long, or short, just the right length. The characters are all totally amazing. We are introduced to my favourite character in the book… Cress. I just… I love it so much! Check out my review for it here.

Least favourite book?

Fairest. It was just… I found it really disturbing/creepy/more disturbing. I get that this is the book on an evil queen so what can we expect, right? But it just didn’t work with me, personally. You can read more about this in my review here.

Favourite cover?

Cinder! The cover is stunning and what totally caught my eye when I first spied it in the library and urged me to go and have a look, which then led to a quick search, which led to me borrowing it and ultimately falling in love with this series, although I didn’t particularly love Cinder (see my review here) I liked it enough to want to continue with this series, which I’m super glad about.

Least favourite cover?

Cress. It’s just that in the cover her hair is so silky and smooth while in the actual book it’s all knotty, so it’s not particularly realistic.

Favourite character?

Can I choose a favourite from the two genders?! My favourite female character is Scarlet just because she’s such a kickass female character and who doesn’t love those? I know Cinder is pretty kickass too, but I just love Scarlet – her dedication towards her grandmother, her rough survival instincts and generally tough personality. My favourite male character is probably Thorne just because he is so absolutely hilarious!

Least favourite character?

Aimery. Ugh.

Rather be an Earthen or a Lunar?

Lunar, of course! Transforming into whatever appearance you like? Guys, I would love to have pink hair, but the dreaded thought of messing it all up keeps me from that… with the Lunar gift, not anymore! I can enjoy whatever look I like without having to worry about any permanent damage!

Favourite ship?

Um. I guess logically speaking Cinder and Kai would be a good alliance politically, so I’ll go with them 😉

Least favourite ship?

Again, logically speaking this would have disastrous consequences for so many innocent lives, so I’m going with Kai and Levana 😉

Best friendship?

Iko and Cinder! Why does everyone manage to forget Iko? Why? Why? I think their friendship is awesome.

Favourite quote?

I know this is a really typical thing to say, but I just love it so much.

“Yeah, but broken isn’t the same as unfixable.”

-Iko, Winter

Favourite kiss?

Can I pass?? No seriously, I prefer to stray from any of that physical romance stuff because… it’s just a personal thing 🙂

Favourite minor character?

Wolf’s mother (is it awful I forgot her name?).

Least favourite minor character?

Channary! Again, really typical thing to say but it’s true (for me, anyway).

Least favourite main character?

Levana. Even though (if you see my review for Fairest) you’d see that I was pretty torn about her evilness, it is clear in Winter that she’s just… an awful person.

Favourite antagonist?


Favourite Lunar?


Least favourite Earthen?

Lihn Adri. Or is it her oldest daughter? Can I say both? They both really annoyed me.

Saddest death?

Peony! I’m so glad none of my favourite characters decided to die.

Cinder or Scarlet?

Mmmm… well, technically I’ve already chosen Scarlet as my favourite character, so it should be easy to choose Scarlet here. But I still feel bad, because I do love Cinder! Blatantly picking one over the other, here, is too hard. I love them both, even though I generally love Scarlet over all of them. I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense, because it probably doesn’t make sense, but… never mind 😛

Cress or Winter?

I caaaan’tt! They’re both shy and sweet and Lunar and innocent and… yeah, you get the feels. I love them both.

Kai or Wolf?

Kai? I love his knack with words, and as much as I like Wolf, I just, I like Kai more.

Thorne or Jacin?

Thorne! He is so funny.

Character to marry?

Can I pass?? I know romance is a part of this series but it really isn’t my thing.

Character to kill?

Aimery. Spoiler>I know it would typically be Levana, but she deserves to be killed by Cinder<

One thing to change in the books?

If only Peony had lived to see such a wonderful ending. That would have been nice.

Most relatable character?

Mmm… I’m genuinely stuck somewhere between Scarlet and Cinder (not that I’ve had any experience with all the fighting, tough experiences, or anything at all).

Most realistic character?

Levana, because I think her whole evilness was portrayed so well throughout this whole series so I really felt that the result was… somewhat natural? I know Levana is anything but natural, but… you get what I mean? I hope?

Favourite Stars Above story?

Ahhh haven’t read them yet! I really need to 🙂

Sooo, that is The Lunar Chronicles tag! I hope you guys enjoyed it – whew that was a lot of questions, but then again, the series is pretty long, so what can we expect?

I tag anyone who is reading this and have read The Lunar Chronicles!

Speak to you all soon!

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Review – Winter by Marissa Meyer

Image result for winter marissaTitle: Winter (The Lunar Chronicles #4)

Author: Marissa Meyer

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

Pages: 827 (!!)

Synopsis: Princess Winter is admired by the Lunar people for her grace and kindness, and despite the scars that mark her face, her beauty is said to be even more breathtaking than that of her stepmother, Queen Levana.

Winter despises her stepmother, and knows Levana won’t approve of her feelings for her childhood friend–the handsome palace guard, Jacin. But Winter isn’t as weak as Levana believes her to be and she’s been undermining her stepmother’s wishes for years. Together with the cyborg mechanic, Cinder, and her allies, Winter might even have the power to launch a revolution and win a war that’s been raging for far too long.

Can Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter defeat Levana and find their happily ever afters? Fans will not want to miss this thrilling conclusion to Marissa Meyer’s national bestselling Lunar Chronicles series.

“Yeah, but broken isn’t the same as unfixable.”

THIS MAGNIFICENT SERIES, FINALLY OVER (I finally made it through that monster of a book, goodness me). Ohhh my gosh! I am so, so glad I decided to pick up The Lunar Chronicles. Definitely one of my most favourite series ever. My goodness that was some long journey to the end, I’m like gasping for breath here.

I love love love love the balance between retelling and also the original flair of this series, another thing to add to the list of perfect stuff jammed into this glorious series. I love the characters. The plot. The setting. THE ENDING.

Allow me to elaborate…

Cinder: tough, hardworking, determined. There was a lot of character development from her throughout the book, and I felt like she certainly dominated this book, despite the title being dedicated to Winter? Either way, I loved her whole show – so – I’m not complaining here!

“Did you see any rice in there? Maybe we could fill Cinder’s head with it.”

Everyone stared at him.

“You know, to…absorb the moisture, or something. Isn’t that a thing?”

“We’re not putting rice in my head.”

Kai: what to say about Kai?? He’s just the same old dude since the first book. Obviously his behaviour/attitude has altered (and like I’m telling you in what way!) and of course he’s a bit more mature and all (but then, haven’t they all matured to a certain degree?). I really like him in this book more than any of the other books, especially his ability to whisk out the most elegant speeches within seconds!

“You mean she doesn’t intend to blow me up before the ceremony?” said Kai, taking the box. “How disappointing.”

Scarlet: My favourite character! Deciding who is more kickass, Scarlet vs. Cinder, is a real war, I honestly don’t know. But so much torture for her throughout this whole series (and I mean unusually)! She’s spunky, lippy and has a bossy attitude to her that I really like. She’s basically stolen the title of every red-headed girl in the entire universe in these books.

“He growled at her. Scarlet growled back.”

Wolf: woahhh! (so much torture for him, in this whole series, too…) He’s all action in this book, including his wolf-like instinct of protection. He’s the same in the last book, doesn’t really change too much mentally, I guess?

His brow creased. “Though there were a couple times when I went a little insane anyway.”

Cress: I love how she’s so shy and small but with a port screen in her hands can be terribly powerful. I love how underneath all of that timidness she is a strong woman, ready to fight for what she believes in the most, and whom she loves/believes in the most.

“She was trapped. Thorne was captured. But they had been heroic.”

Thorne: My favourite of all of the male characters. He is absolutely hilarious, a very memorable character.

“Thorne scoffed. “Careful is my middle name. Right after Suave and Daring.”
“Do you even know what you’re saying half the time?” asked Cinder.”

Winter: Such a sweet character! I have to say at first, I was a little annoyed with her because I kept thinking well if she could just use her Lunar powers then Jacin wouldn’t have to worry so much, and all would be well, just a little bit every morning to keep things going. But as the book progressed, by admiration for her grew, and she really is a very sweet, kind, strong, lovely person.

“Winter reached over and pulled the pilot’s harness over Scarlet’s head. “Safety first, Scarlet-friend. We are fragile things.”

Jacin: Honestly didn’t really like him that much until this book, but it’s impossible (in my view) not to like him at least a little bit in this book, because he’s just so… sweet? I’m sorry, but really! “Good” sounds somewhat wrong in describing him.

“I am your guard. I’m here to protect you and keep you out of trouble, and that’s it.”

Levana: Well, what can I say? Evil queen, as always. She was pretty much the same from the rest of the books, because we already get a huge side of Levana in Fairest, but here it’s just her personality is the same as the other books, although of course her involvement is a lot more and I definitely felt zero sympathy for her.

“I intend to put an end to the rumors of the darling Princess Selene once and for all.”

Honestly, though… it was too long. Really. I think another edit could have saved our souls from drowning amongst 800 pages, because there were a lot of unnecessary words and detail here and there. I also have to confess and I did feel rather bored 300-400 pages through.

So, that is my review! I hope you all enjoyed it, I know it’s a longer review than normal but it’s marking the end of The Lunar Chronicles for me, and also, well, it’s a pretty long book, if I do say so myself.

What were your thoughts on this book? Did you think the finale was appropriate? 

*also* I do intend to pick up the graphic novels soon because they are a continuation of our beloved characters but in lighter, more fun reads starring Iko as the main character. Check them out here.

Speak soon!