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Islamic-Fiction Books on my TBR!

YESSS I’m back to talk about more Islamic-fiction! You might be wondering, “all she seems to be doing is talking about reading but not actually doing any reading and talking about writing but not actually doing any writing” and I know it must seem this way but I am reading and writing… it’s just not enough to talk about, you know what I’m saying? I am currently reading a book and currently writing it’s just progress has been slow, but I’m ploughing my way through it! 😀 I just need some more time to get into it all. I have been spending way more time on Goodreads again (I’ve missed it) and have a few Islamic-fiction books I’m dying to get my hands on which I thought I’d talk about!

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As with every month, there are new releases, and every month my TBR just grows larger and scarier. My TBR currently stands at a whopping 407 books, with a doubtless amount to be added very soon. Seeing as it holds books that aren’t to be released until October 2020, expect these kinds of posts to become a regular thing!