WWW Wednesday – 19th June 2019

The first WWW Wednesday post since 13th March exactly. I’ve recently read an amazing book and am currently reading an amazing book, so let’s talk about it.

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Thoughts Whilst Reading The Count of Monte Cristo #1

As you may already know, The Count of Monte Cristo is a much applauded classic that has graced the shelves since 1844 and was translated from French to English two years later. It is of a most formidable size, spanning a monstrous 1200 pages in the edition that I am currently reading. However, I am a fearless bookworm – and so I have decided to take on this colossal masterpiece and I intend to live to see the end (somehow). It may be obvious that I always have a lot to say when it comes to books (or anything) and so I decided it was impossible I would able to sum up my thoughts in way that would do the book justice (since I already love it) once I finish it in a single review: so it may be better if I instead publish my thoughts (as they change and develop) whilst reading this book – and so this will probably become a series of posts finished with a final review attempting to recapitulate the content of the previous posts. And this is the first.

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First-Impressions Friday #5

The Count of Monte Cristo

Image result for the count of monte cristo bookFirst-Impressions from Chp.1-11:  There might not be that many book reviews coming soon guys – because THIS BOOK IS 1200 PAGES LONG. And I am not a fast reader, despite, how it may seem so considering all the books that I’ve reviewed on here and all. Not that I’ve never Googled how to read fast *cough*. I want to finish this book. Now that I’m already such a magnificent portion into it (a humble 8%) and already so deep into the story, I really have to know what happens next. Continue reading “First-Impressions Friday #5”