top 5 cosy fall reads – Sept 25

It is once again – another Top 5 Tuesday! Hurrah! Today’s topic is top 5 “cosy fall reads” and to be honest I’ve never really had “cosy fall reads” in the sense where I’ve considered my book as such a cosy read and all… but this time I put a bit of thought into it, and have narrowed down 5 books which I think are ideal fall reads – and I talk a lot about YA on this blog so I decided to put all classics on this list instead

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What I Read on the Plane

Hey everyone! So I mentioned in my last WWW Wednesday post that I was going on a plane journey (it was several hours long) and I was hoping that I’d be in a reading mood so I’d plough my way through my everlasting TBR (which is always a good thing!). Well – I was in a reading mood!

I read for 5 hours and then I had a splitting headache for the remaining two and a half hours (I have to say I did really regret reading then), but I still got through 2 books…  Continue reading “What I Read on the Plane”