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All The Books I Read This Summer

I read 26 books this summer. Let’s talk about it!

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July Wrap-Up | Insane (for me) Reading Month

August is here and I am actually shook. Where has the summer gone I feel cheated. I read 18 “books” (on Goodreads) but they make up both novels and novellas. It was an insane reading month and at one point I was reading a book and a half a day. However, this is where it ends – I really don’t want to be reading this much fiction, and I’m going to be focusing more of my time on reading non-fiction or procrastinating reading non-fiction or trying to win (but consistently losing) at Monopoly.

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Rating: ⭐️⭐️

In all honesty, I don’t think I ever watched the entire Cinderella movie in its original form. I’d read it many times, seen so many twists on it on the TV as I grew up but to be honest, Barbie was my childhood (and to this day I still occasionally slip down memory lane on YouTube listening to all the old Barbie songs feeling extremely nostalgic and reading all the comments of everyone else like my doing the same… weird sidenote but whatever).

This ended up being a sadly underwhelming read that I had previously been so looking forward to. I had expected a thrilling plot laced with darkness and deceit… this book failed to deliver that, despite the promises from many gushing reviews. However, this does not dim the significance of the overall message on gender roles and jealousy and the definition of beauty and also the power of labels.

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