Changing My Reading to Fit Who I am Now…

It’s a weird thing to think about – but because I’ve been so completely absorbed in my studying and academics over the past few years (with the time I haven’t been studying spent with family, friends and living new experiences etc.) – that it has meant that my reading has mainly been left for the holidays and summer months, and so consequently, long periods have passed by where I haven’t been reading any books for pleasure. This has often resulted in me coming back to reading only to find that the books I had previously been reading/eyeing – I’m no longer interested in.

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First-Impressions: Hidden Valley Road: Inside the Mind of an American Family

Hello everyone and wow this is the first “first-impressions” post I’ve done in a good while! It’s nice to finally get back into reading… even though it has taken a while for me to properly sit down and absorb myself into this book (lol never heard of reader’s procrastination until now… probably something to do with the fact that I hadn’t sat down and read a book for pleasure in ages) – and so far it has been totally worth it. This is also a non-fiction book so yay I’m making progress on my 2021 reading goal!

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First-Impressions: The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks

Hello everyone! I haven’t done a post like this in sooo long and was slightly hesitant in doing so because I realise that this is a non-fiction neuroscience/psychology book and isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (and chances are you are going to find this pretty uninteresting), but this is something I’m currently reading for UCAS (UK university applications) preparation since I want to pursue a degree in psychology and I figured since this blog is surrounding my own personal interests, it’s relevant 🙂

This is also a pretty well-known book in general and even if you aren’t interested in psychology it is also related to medicine and just how we function as human beings, with a focus on the brain – so I think a lot of you would still find it a really insightful glimpse into the maze of the human brain (and yes, a man really does mistake his wife for a hat).

Also just a disclaimer I am no expert in this subject whatsoever, simply a student of psychology sharing her thoughts – so feel free to correct me on anything!

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