Changing My Reading to Fit Who I am Now…

It’s a weird thing to think about – but because I’ve been so completely absorbed in my studying and academics over the past few years (with the time I haven’t been studying spent with family, friends and living new experiences etc.) – that it has meant that my reading has mainly been left for the holidays and summer months, and so consequently, long periods have passed by where I haven’t been reading any books for pleasure. This has often resulted in me coming back to reading only to find that the books I had previously been reading/eyeing – I’m no longer interested in.

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The Lost Girls of Paris

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Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The beautiful cover presents, unfortunately, a false image of what this book is. The single woman looking out across the city of what I can only assume is Paris, portrays an image of a secure hope. It also makes the woman seem as if she knows exactly what’s going on out there, as if she has everything on the palm on her hand. A hope founded on an unshakable basis of fact. At least… that is what it spoke to me. It spoke security, to me.

And that is one word I would never use to explain this book. This book is based on a wild and desperate hope, a hope sprouting from a desperate gamble. The woman is strong as steel, with a determination and willpower to match it. The question this book poses is: does it make a difference?

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First Impressions: The Huntress

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I downloaded this book on OverDrive without knowing what it was about. I remember seeing it all over Goodreads when it came out, flicked through some reviews and skimmed the blurb and then added it to my TBR. Usually I do my research, and usually I tend to regret it.

But honestly, this time that is so not the case. I was reading it past midnight, and I just started getting so creeped out that when I heard the long and drawn out creaking of a door I actually got so scared. Luckily, after investigating it was my brother. It might sound stupid but the premise… the way this women is portrayed… is just downright terrifying. Maybe this is why people find the Woman in Black scary, although I haven’t read it yet, but I feel like this one is probably much better in every single aspect, and I’m only 140 pages through.

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