Knowing a Favourite Book Before You’ve Read It…

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is discussion-orientated, and is going to be around whether you are able to guess you are going to love a book (or not) before you have read it. Ever since I’ve started reading, my attitude towards whether I start reading a book or not has definitely changed over the years. When I was younger, I would just pick up a book and read it… but now, I put a lot more thought into whether I’m going to start a book or not, and that has definitely changed how accurate my guesses are on whether I will like it or not.

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Favourite Books by Female Authors | Thursday Discussion

I’ve read Ally’s Thursday Discussion post’s for months, but for some reason this is my first time participating?!! Yes, I know there is something wrong with me.

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Mid-Year Freakout Book Tag – 2019

DON’T LIE TO ME IT IS NOT THE MIDDLE OF 2019 I’M NOT BELIEVING ANYONE. But I actually did this tag last year so check it out here because it makes me feel really crazy and weird going back and reading that post… I was in a completely different headspace and at a totally different point in my life and I just feel so, so, so… nostalgic but not nostalgic? Anyways, onto the tag 🙂 And by the way… I know it’s just the name for the tag, but it very clearly defines my bookish situation right now because as you will soon see I AM BEHIND ON MY GOODREADS SCHEDULE.

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