How to SLAY Your Exams #1

Hey guys!

This is the first study post I’ve done on this blog, and I figured this is about the right time to do it since a lot of people have begun to revise for their GCSEs. I’m not sure whether A Levels or SATs are taken around this time of the year too, but you can apply these tips for any exams.

These are what I use and what work for me personally. We of course all have our own personal preferences, so you’ll have to judge what you think would work would you also… if you’re definitely not a morning person, I wouldn’t recommend getting up early, some people really need their lie-ins 🙂

Start early. I mean both getting up at around 7-8am and beginning revision a couple of months before your actual exam. In the morning your brain is fresh, and even if you are a slow learner, a few months will hopefully be enough to help everything sink into your mind steadily. I think we’d all rather not cram the night before the exam, but who hasn’t done it?

Make a timetable! Or if you’re like me and just feel so daunted by sitting down and planning one out, at least write a list of the specific tasks you want to accomplish that day. It really helps. Personally, I designate a certain hour for something I want to get done, like if I wanted to cover a past paper for Geography. I’d work solidly for that hour, and then take a 30 mins break. This is just for me, I know some people like to have several small breaks within an hour, and that’s fine too, whatever works with you, basically 🙂

Use highlighters or coloured pens to underline/highlight key words. This really helps the main words to find out. If you are a visual learner, this could be the best thing ever. If you don’t know what type of learner you are, take this quiz to find out. I took this quiz a year ago and came out as visual learner, and then I took it just now and came out as auditory learner!

Switch off all electronic devices, including your laptop. If you need it for revision, try and download whatever you need and disconnect from the Wi-Fi. The internet is the number one place to go to for procrastination. Trust me, you don’t want to waste the amount of time I’ve wasted just aimlessly scrolling through YouTube and watching weird stuff I end up regretting watching. Even Googling unnecessary searches just leads to another click and another and another, and before you know it, a whole hour has gone by. And then you feel guilty and try and rush through your tasks.

That’s all for this post! I hope you found this helpful, and stay tuned for the next two posts of this series 🙂

Speak to you all soon!