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Is It Bad If You Don’t Finish A Book? | Let’s Talk Bookish #5

Hey everyone and welcome back to another Let’s Talk Bookish, a weekly bookish-discussion-meme hosted by the wonderful J.R.@Eternity Books every Friday. Today’s is an interesting, so let’s get right into it.

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DNF-ing “Stars Above” by Marissa Meyer

Hellooo everyone,

Now, The Lunar Chronicles are one of my most favourite series of all-time, and so naturally when I saw this at the library I knew I had to get it. 

What I was confronted with was pages and pages that increased my disappointment. How can these even be classified as short stories? I don’t think they are. 

In fact, they seemed to me, to simply just be snippets of things that happened in between the lines, and we don’t actually learn much (or anything) new – at least from before I stopped. 

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