WWW Wednesday – 13 Nov

Hey everyone, and happy Wednesday! I have a Chemistry exam today, so wish me luck lol (yes, it’s a scheduled post). Quite a bit has happened reading wise, and I’m excited to talk with you all about it. You can also check out last week’s WWW Wednesday post here 🙂

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WWW Wednesday – 5 Sept

My reading is just going ALL OVER THE PLACE. it is a bit of a mess. But, that’s what WWW Wednesday posts are for – laying it all out, sorting it all out, and trying to make sense of things. Let me know if I did a good job of it. And comment below and tell me if you also tend to start a million books at once?

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Book Reviews

Reading Schedules Are Impossible

Hey everyone! This post is on why it took me so long to read Lifel1k3 and why that might be the same for Children of Blood and Bone, despite the insane hype surrounding both of these books and despite the fact that Lifel1k3 totally lived up to the hype for me…

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