Where I Am Now with my Writing

If you’ve read any of my previous posts on writing, you would know that it’s been a journey. I thought it would be good if I wrote a post more on where I currently am now with my writing this instant and not more about what I’ve done in the past, which I feel like I’ve always ended up talking about and just missing the point about how I want to force myself to start writing.

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I’ve Been Trying to Write a Book for Almost 6 Years | Why It Hasn’t Happened Yet

It’s TRUE!! Maybe I haven’t been actively trying for the past almost-six-years, but I have been participating in creative writing courses, trying to write again and again (I have countless word documents to prove it) and reading as much as I possibly can (this blog and my Goodreads are evidence of it). So why hasn’t it happened yet??

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Where I’ve Been with My Writing | Creative Writing Courses (+ recommendations)

When I first started this blog, I had two main topics in mind I knew I wanted to talk about: reading books and writing books. The latter of which I have SORELY neglected. I thought I would do an update post from this post that I published over a year ago. I feel like a lot has happened but also absolutely nothing has happened which really sucks. I’ve been wanting to write I book for the past almost 6 years I don’t feel like I’ve gotten much… closer.

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Am I Doing NanoWriMo???

Hey everyone!

So NanoWriMo is upon us and in case you didn’t know – I, too, am an aspiring writer (see more about this here) and of course I’d want to take part in NanoWriMo, right? The annual event that pushes so many writers to reach their writing goals and publish books!!

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The Secret to Writing & My Writing Situation

Hello everyone!!

Now the past few months I’ve focused solely on reading books on this blog. Which is strange because I had initially intended for this blog to be about reading and writing. But the thing is, my writing had been slacking significantly so there wasn’t much I had to say about it… Continue reading “The Secret to Writing & My Writing Situation”


Na’ima B. Robert Writing Course!

Hello, or asalamualaikum (translation from Arabic: may peace be with you), everyone!

Today I’m going to be sharing something I am so so excited about! If you’ve read my Ramadan Readathon Tag and other Islamic-Fiction posts I’ve done on this blog, you know I absolutely love Na’ima B. Robert as an Islamic-fiction author, being an especial fan of her She Wore Red Trainers which I remember devouring in one day at the airport around this time last year!

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How I Brainstorm Plots for my Stories??

Hello fellow friends!

Welcome to another writing post! I’ve been into these quite a lot lately, I apologise to those who come to my blog for book reviews more than writing-related posts, I do have my review for The Raven King in preparation, so that is something to look forward to 🙂

Moving on, plotting for stories, I don’t know about any others, but for me, it is one of the key hardships in the whole journey of writing a story. Developing characters is something I personally enjoy very much, but the entire plotting process can be fun… but also stressful.

There’s the worry – is the plot too obvious? Is it not interesting enough? Is it too slow? And then… is it too fast? There are a bajillion of worries concerning the plot that writers have to cope with on a daily basis (see here for more)!

Anyway, in this post I’m just going to be sharing how I come up with plot ideas for previous novel-in-progress’s.

What I did last summer (find out more about that here) was that I had this notebook where I would just make bullet-points on all the different things that could happen about a certain thing. Okay, that sounds confusing. Allow me to give you an example…

Cassandra’s kidnapping

–> she gets caught

–> she escapes by a boat

–> an assassin interrupts her

That, is an example, and it’s actually a proper part of my fantasy story that I was working on in the summer. Unfortunately (and if you’ve read this post you’ll know), I gave up on it (and if you read that same post you’ll also find out why).

Then I would debate all the different aspects to what could happen, with my sister. Now this is very helpful. Thinking out loud makes it easier for you to see things and connect things than thinking in your head, where it can be a bit of a jumble. You can also debate in a notebook, which can also help clear your head (and if you’re wondering what I ended up choosing… it was the assassin).

One thing I would recommend doing is being more organised with your notebook. In what way? That I do not know, otherwise I would have done it myself, but my own notebook, as a result of mounds of furious brainstorming, was a sad mess… with scribblings and crossing outs and neon colours over neon colours, all trying to talk over each other. It was very perplexing, at times.

Anyway, that’s all for this post! I hope that you found this helpful in some way, and do let me know in the comments what types of posts you would like to see on this blog other than book reviews 🙂

How do you plot for your stories?

Speak soon!