Good Reading Habits Tag

Hey everyone! So, last year I was tagged by the lovely Ally at Ally Writes Things (go check out her blog, it’s amazing!) to do this tag (she actually made it, which is BEYOND COOL) and I’m so excited to finally be doing this.

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Mid-Year Freakout Book Tag – 2019

DON’T LIE TO ME IT IS NOT THE MIDDLE OF 2019 I’M NOT BELIEVING ANYONE. But I actually did this tag last year so check it out here because it makes me feel really crazy and weird going back and reading that post… I was in a completely different headspace and at a totally different point in my life and I just feel so, so, so… nostalgic but not nostalgic? Anyways, onto the tag 🙂 And by the way… I know it’s just the name for the tag, but it very clearly defines my bookish situation right now because as you will soon see I AM BEHIND ON MY GOODREADS SCHEDULE.

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Jonas Brothers book tag

Hey everyone, today I’m doing a tag that I was tagged by the brilliant Blogger Books – be sure to check out her fabulous blog if you haven’t already – she’s such an amazing and consistent blogger (I may or may not have just roasted myself there). She’s just such a genuine and lovely person so 100% worth visiting her blog.

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folk of air book tag

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. Today I’m doing a super fun tag which I was kindly tagged by my two of my favourite bloggers: Kaya and Blogger Books, totally go check out their blogs.

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Ringing in the New Year Book Tag

Hi. Yes you’ve probably seen the title and is wondering what is wrong with me. The truth is, there’s a lot going on. I got tagged this by the lovely Meghan around a month ago, so I’m really just a month late guys! 🙂

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10 Bookish Confessions

Hey everyone! Sooo I decided to do this post because a) it’s fun and b) I really don’t want to do another top books that [blank] in 2018 post today because they can be somewhat stressful and c) I’ve done maths all morning so I’ve had enough of stress today, lol!

Enjoy, and tell me some of your bookish confessions!

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