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First-Impressions: Dracula

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Ever since I read Anne of Green Gables (which was when I was 11) I have been all over classics. I went through an entire phase where I only read classics (namely ones that are child-friendly such as The Secret Garden or Little Women or Treasure Island) whether they were the famous ones or the lesser-known ones (by Louisa May Alcott, Susan Coolidge) – I’m not saying I’ve read all the classics ever but I’ve read a great deal.

Then, after that, I got into YA and read loads and loads of YA for two years. Now, I’m coming out of YA, and onto classics (although I am reading Dracula for school).

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First-Impressions: Descendant of the Crane

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Sometimes you just can’t put a finger on why you aren’t enjoying a book. You go through a list of things that a book has and just can’t think of an actual reason why it isn’t working for you. Yes, the pacing is a bit slow but you’ve loved and enjoyed slower ones. Yes, the character is a bit annoying but you have loved and enjoyed more annoying characters. Yes, some things are a bit unbelievable, but you have loved and enjoyed more unbelievable things.

So, what is it? Is it that you are getting a reading slump? No, it doesn’t feel like one… is it your mood? But you seem to be in a perfectly normal mood… and it definitely cannot be the cover…

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First-Impressions: Lost Roses

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After reading The Huntress, it’s safe to say I have been lured back into historical fiction after a very long period where I let myself be consumed by fantasy. Now, I think it’s safe to say I need a break from fantasy, and so was so happy when I saw this on OverDrive (you all know books are too expensive and I live on OverDrive).

OverDrive actually had the first book of this series too, Lilac Girls, but something that I read about it made me decide to borrow this one instead… even though it was just a few days ago I can’t remember why but I’m really enjoying this so far.

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