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Are Big TBRs a Result of Abibliophobia? | Let’s Talk Bookish #7

Hey everyone! Happy Friday and welcome back to another “Let’s Talk Bookish“! I’m very excited for today’s post because not only do I love the word “abibliophobia” but you bet I have a lot to say about it lol 🙂

Maybe I’m a fake bookworm and book blogger… but I’d never heard of the term “abibliophobia” until I saw this prompt on Let’s Talk Bookish… although I have to admit, it does deserve a name because it is VERY REAL and is also such a delicious name (the Anne of Green Gables in me jumping out lol).

I think my relationship with my TBR has changed greatly over the past year and a bit. I think 1.5+ years ago, when I had more time on my hands and I was reading so many YA books and posting frequently on my blog, I almost unconsciously kind of had this “quantity over quality” concept instilled in me when it came to what books read. I came to the point where I could finish a book so quickly that I didn’t think too deeply about it before choosing to read it, and after having written my review on it I didn’t ponder too much about it after either, and was always ready to move onto the next book. I still really enjoyed the whole process, it just wasn’t that “deep” if you get what I mean.

Then, I remember adding loads of books to my TBR and wanting to read all of them… simply because, I could! I had time, I had the facilities available, and I had this huge everlasting love for books and reading and discovering new worlds (the latter of which I still have, but the former I’m not so sure of). I would not only add books to my TBR for the sake of keeping it big (because a big TBR would always keep me excited) but also because there were just sooo many amazing books coming out all the time, and I was just genuinely dying to read all of them.

Flash forward to the present day, in my final year of school, I unfortunately do not have as much time at my disposal, and I’m finding myself choosing the things I invest my time in a lot more wisely – and after I’ve done my studying for the day, I am often conflicted between choosing things like watching Netflix or talking to my friends (I usually choose the latter lol). Now, I want to be able to also read something that will be maybe slightly more educational, enlightening and thought-provoking – simply because… my time is more limited now, and reading is time-consuming!

I’m currently sorting through my Goodreads TBR and removing books I’m no longer interested in (that my sixteen year old self was excited about lol). I’m trying to only keep books that I’m more certain that I will like (whereas before I think anything I found interesting and ticked a few of my boxes I’d add on because I’d have time to try it and see what I think). Anyway… we’ll see where all this will go. I am currently reading this non-fiction book and if I get a few more chapters into it, I’ll do a “first impressions” post!

So I guess ultimately my answer is… YES BUT NO. Lol! I definitely enjoyed writing about this though, it’s very interesting! What do you guys think about this???

Speak to you all soon!!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Are Big TBRs a Result of Abibliophobia? | Let’s Talk Bookish #7”

  1. I think mine is a combination of abibliophobia and also FOMO. I definitely get abibliophobia when we go on holidays because I always pack way too many books. I definitely get stressed that on the off-chance in the week we’re away that I will read all 11 books that I packed. AND THEN WHAT?? You know, like I don’t have the Kindle app on my phone and iPad…

    But mostly I think my huge TBR (and extensive collection of unread books) is more about me not wanting to miss out on all these books that everyone is praising. I want to read them all!! I just… don’t have time to do it right now… 😅

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