Why Do You Blog? | Let’s Talk Bookish #6

Hey everyone! I’m finally joining this amazing meme again, hosted by my friend the lovely Rukky @ Eternity Reads! I remember when Rukky first started this meme off, and I think I reposted it or something because I thought it was such a good idea… and I think it’s amazing that it’s managed to go on for this long and get this far – props to Rukky! 😀 I always love talking and having discussions about various subjects, so this is definitely up there with my favourite bookish memes in the bookish blogosphere. This particular topic this week is a really interesting one!

I think this topic is definitely very personal – since everyone will (naturally) have their own reasons unique to themselves. My reason for blogging is the one thing that has stayed solid throughout the entirety of the three years I’ve been posting on this blog – even if my reading and writing (the subject of this blog) have changed so much!

I started this blog to talk about what I love: which is reading and writing. I wanted to talk about my huge passion for literature with the world, I wanted to engage in discussion with other people like-minded to me – and through the power of the internet – be able to talk to people from different corners of the world!

This is an extremely cliche thing to say but until three years ago, I remember desperately wanting to make a blog since I was eleven years old. I believe I have made a few blogs in the past on different website creator platforms before this (it didn’t last very long) and it wasn’t until three years ago where I made this blog as apart of a badge for Girl Scouts (the badge was almost more of an excuse hehe) and stuck with it.

My purpose for blogging is still the same: just talking about things I love. To put it simply: I LOVE being able to discuss stuff that I love, with other amazing people who love the same stuff! I also just generally love sharing my opinions on things and exchanging ideas with others who are interested. For example, none of my close friends have ever been into writing, but here on this blog – I’ve been able to discuss writing with so many people who get it and have been there and have amazing advice and ideas – and have a discussion I never would have been able to have with people I know in person! I’m also very passionate about Islamic-fiction, and I’ve had the most enlightening discussions about it with people about it on this blog, which is honestly just BEAUTIFUL 🙂 It brings me so much joy every time I see someone take the time out of their busy day to comment on my posts and talk to me about something I mentioned, and talk about themselves and their opinion on it.

For me, blogging is less of a “motivation”, like I’m motivated to study to achieve my end goal of university and a successful career – and more of just something that has become apart of my hobbies and interests… and become apart of the things I genuinely love doing (even though the past year and a bit I’ve been very inconsistent with my posts). I’ve also never thought about not blogging before, but when I started my A Levels I knew I wouldn’t be able to continue with my consistent posting, and if it wasn’t for the third lockdown in the UK, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here on a school night, typing away at this post in a dark room at midnight.

I don’t have any specific plans for my blog this year… other than being consistent! I want to try my best to post frequently, but I also do not want to force myself to post – because I don’t want this blog to ever feel like something I “have” to do because then I know I won’t love it and enjoy it as much that’s what it turned into. I want this blog to always be a hobby for me, something that I really enjoy doing and do because I love. My desire to post more frequently is more so to do with me wanting to manage my time more effectively so I have time to post more frequently, over anything else.

So, this is the reason I blog – and this is the reason this blog even exists in the first place! I’m sooo interested to hear everyone’s thoughts and if you’re a blogger, why you decided to make a blog, so make sure to let me know in the comments 🙂

Speak to you all soon!!!

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