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RAMADAN TBR!!! | Books To Read This Ramadan

Asalamualaikum/hello everyone – Ramadan Mubarak!!! I hope you have all been having a blessed Ramadan under lockdown, and are making the most of this very different Ramadan, where we have more time to devote ourselves to more personal and individual forms of worship than praying in the mosque with everyone else and the communal iftaars that everyone loves.

Today I’m doing a post I haven’t done in months which is a TBR post!! I really wanted to do this before Ramadan started but here we are. For Muslims, a lot of the time when people think about Ramadan they think fasting, praying and even duaa. But reading Islamic books is also a really important factor because that is gaining Islamic knowledge which is also a form of ibaadah (worship).

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