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Islamic Perspective on Dealing with COVID-19 | For Muslims

When it comes to understanding this crisis from an Islamic viewpoint, this video by Dr Yasir Qadhi is extremely informative, and I would highly recommend it to any of you Muslims out there that (like me) are interested in learning more and examining a deeper layer of the recent turn of events.

As Muslims, we should view things in a positive light and not despair. In Sahih al-Bukhari hadeeth 5402, we can see that with patience during these hard times where many people are getting sick and dying, we can earn so many good deeds – so we must accept the current situation we and the rest of the world are in and do our best and be patient, inshAllah (with the will of God)! With our patience, we need to ensure in our hearts that we know and accept that nothing will happen to us or our loved ones without what Allah (God in Arabic) has decreed.

As with everything that happens to us in our life, we should always turn back to Allah and ask for Him to guide us and protect us. I have compiled some important duaas for us all to read in this time, and inshAllah they will protect us all.

Dua for times of distress (Dua of Yunus a.s.) - As the heart heals
The Path of Righteousness: Dua Seeking The Protection Of ALLAH For ...
Dua for Protection from All Evil | Duas Revival | Mercy of Allah
Islamic Knowledge
This is a duaa specifically related to illnesses

And finally, my favourite…

ALLAHUMMA INNI AS'ALUKA AL'AFIYAH. *... - Islamic Guidance | Facebook
to be in “Afiyah” means: you are saved from any afflictions, you are healthy, you have enough money, to live, to have your children protected, to be forgiven… essentially to be protected from any pains and sufferings in both this world and the next

Along with these duaas, I think it’s important that we take this time to reflect upon ourselves, as well as society. The fact that a single virus was able to sweep the globe with such speed and strike so much fear and panic into thousands if not millions of people, send the economy into a recession and cause whole nations to lockdown… is a simultaneously terrifying and immediately humbling thought. This so clearly demonstrates the power that Allah (God) has over us, and how easy it is for Him to turn our lives into turmoil, if He wishes to do so.

We can interpret this as a reminder – to all of humanity – to remember Allah, and that He is there for us to turn to. Even when we have sinned (and we all have), we must remember that He is the most merciful, and He is the most forgiving. All we need to do is repent a sincere repentance, work to change for the better and make duaa for Allah to make it easy for you and inshAllah it will be accepted.

I hope this was helpful… one thing you will come to know about me with these “deeper” posts is that I am very much one for reflection!

I just want to end on a few beautiful ayahs from the Qur’an…

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Feel free to share your thoughts, I’m really interested to see what everyone thinks.

Jazakallakhair (may God reward you with goodness) and speak soon…

4 thoughts on “Islamic Perspective on Dealing with COVID-19 | For Muslims”

  1. I love this πŸ™Œ
    What’s a better way to deal with anything than du’a 🀲
    JazakAllah for the reminder πŸ’β€β™€οΈπŸ’œ

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  2. Alhamdullilah! and definitely loads of reflection to better ourselves 😊 barakallaufeekhi! πŸ’• hopefully you’ll be seeing more posts similar to this πŸ™ˆ inshallah


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