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I just finished watching the prime minister Boris Johnson in his 8.30pm address to the nation this evening, where he announced even tighter restrictions upon civilians, because the NHS can simply not accommodate such large amounts of sick people as the statistics predict are coming. As the prime minister just stated, nobody is allowed to leave their homes anymore, which means I am going to be an extremely bored individual (hmm… does also depend on how many power-points my teachers send me… lol).

Solution – this blog! I want to evolve my content so it grows with me, and I have grown so much this past year – I probably seem the same to everyone around me on the outside, but inside I’ve started to look at everything around me from a different perspective. I want to share that perspective on this blog, and I want to use this platform not just to share my thoughts on books, but also on so many other things.

So for however long this pandemic lasts… I will try my best to be more dedicated to this blog, and since I’m Muslim, I also want to take a bit more about Islam on here.

If you’re reading this – thank you so much! If you’re interested in new, fresh content then feel free to subscribe and expect to hear from me soon 🙂

4 thoughts on “Recent Events”

  1. Hey old friend 🙃

    You used to homeschool?? I homeschool as well and I love it 😄

    Yay! Hope I’ll be seeing more posts of yours 💖

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Heyy!! I’ve missed chatting with you!! yesss I love homeschooling 🙂 you know… I have a feeling we’re very very alike 🙈


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