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Hi there!

It has been such a long time since I last posted on here… I’m kind of ashamed. Although, in my defence, A Levels have really taken the life away from me and I have barely had time to breathe. I used to homeschool, so now that I’m in school I actually have no more free time and all I do when I get home is eat, do homework, sleep and then repeat (weekends are no better).

But now the UK along with the rest of the world have all experienced an unprecedented break from everyday life which has freed some time for me to come on here again. I kept meaning to update my blog, and evolve the content from books to life (since my priorities have shifted from less books and more towards pursuing life goals).

4 thoughts on “Recent Events”

  1. Hey old friend 🙃

    You used to homeschool?? I homeschool as well and I love it 😄

    Yay! Hope I’ll be seeing more posts of yours 💖

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  2. Heyy!! I’ve missed chatting with you!! yesss I love homeschooling 🙂 you know… I have a feeling we’re very very alike 🙈


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