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Hey everyone! So, last year I was tagged by the lovely Ally at Ally Writes Things (go check out her blog, it’s amazing!) to do this tag (she actually made it, which is BEYOND COOL) and I’m so excited to finally be doing this.


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I’m well aware I’m being a bit cheeky here, but here me out! I know people who are always looking at books, talking about books, buying loads of books – but then hardly ever read them! I feel like their hobby is more browsing for books than actually reading books and it’s kind of insane! I do understand though because sometimes after I’ve read a lot one day and I don’t really feel like reading I just browse for books on Overdrive, but I definitely read more than I browse, so I think the fact that I get on with it is a good reading habit haha πŸ™‚


I also know some people who are kind of crazy when it comes to buying books. No judging, I know everyone has their own budgets and priorities, but personally, I think I’m pretty good when it comes to buying books. I’ve mentioned this before, but I bought myself a lovely puffin version of The Count of Monte Cristo and that is like the first book I’ve bought in maybe two or one and a half years??

It’s just that books are so expensive and I prefer to save whatever money I have for the future like costs for uni since I’m still in school (although I don’t have long left!). Libraries and OverDrive are a thing and because I actually have OverDrive accounts for two libraries I have a pretty good access to a lot of books and they’re good libraries. My tip is to just go to the biggest library you can find (make sure they have OverDrive) and then get a library card there.

I also don’t buy a whole series of books if I haven’t even read the first book yet. I’m just too scared to because I feel like this could end up in disaster if you end up really disliking the first book. Personally, I would actually prefer buying some of my favourite books because I reread books I previously loved when I’ve forgotten quite a bit of it and end up enjoying it just as much as the first time.

Food and Drink

This is something that terrifies me. Whenever I’m reading a physical book (which, in all honesty, isn’t too often because as I said before a lot of the books I read are from OverDrive) I’m always so careful. I don’t think I’ve ever spilled something on one of the books I read for pleasure before, although I have spilled drinks on my school books and was in PHYSICAL PAIN over it, okay. I think I’m pretty good with that, although that also might because I tend to read ebooks and I have had 824366237426 meals with me and my iPad and it has been great.

I tag: Kaya, Blogger Books, Sahi, Meghan, Hannah, Realms of my Mind, Angelica, Cait, Shanah – of course no pressure!!! πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Good Reading Habits Tag”

  1. Good job at not overbuying books! I have that problem haha, tho I swear I intend to read them all! One thing I don’t do, however, is buy a full series at once if I haven’t read at least a few of them. I am too picky with books and if I don’t like the first one then I wasted my money! Of course there are exceptions to this haha, I did buy the full Lunar Chronicles Series at a garage sale for $1.50, which is way cheaper than I could buy a single book elsewhere so it wasn’t much of a risk!

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  2. Yes, and if anything, I could be accused of underbuying books! Oh, yes that’s good. I’ve only ever bought one book from a series and if I enjoy it I tend to get the rest of it from the library or OverDrive unless there’s a good sale going on. wow what a bargain! πŸ™‚

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  3. Thanks for tagging me😍😍😍 I love your answers and I totally understand! A lot of people only buy books so they can say they have books at home or own them, or because they like the covers: but don’t actually read! Also, I think it’s incredible that you haven’t bought a book in over one year, I wouldn’t be able to go through with that! Inspiring 😍😍😍

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  4. Yay I’m so glad you did this!!

    Honestly, I feel you about the reading thing. Actually sitting down and reading is such a good habit! And buying!!!!! I totally get that people love physical books (I love physical books!) but other things are important, too! And it’s always felt like such a waste to me when people have 200+ unread books in their house. Almost all the physical books I have, I got as presents

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  5. I’m glad I did this – it was super fun – thank you for making it!! πŸ™‚ I know, I totally agree, there was a point when I was younger where I had read and reread all the books in our house and read and reread all the books on my Kindle, and was just scrambling for whatever other free books I could find on Kindle. Now I’m able to read more books what with the library and OverDrive, but I still rarely buy books – like I last bought a book when I finished my exams in celebration, but before that it hadn’t been for 2 years I think!!

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