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The (Foolproof) Guide to Defeating the Reading Slump (by an expert)

READING SLUMPS. The nemesis of all bookworms. The very mention of those two words can release a torrent of intense emotions: horror, sadness, despair. Well, never fear. As your fellow bookworm, I am here to help. I have compiled a fabulous guide that will just about save your summer (or whatever season you are currently residing in).

(if you’re one of those people who have a reading slump without knowing what it is)

This process may be:

  • painful
  • tedious
  • forceful
  • … but ultimately rewarding

We must do what we can to flush the obstinate irrationality that are reading slumps far, far, far away. With that, it requires effort, that shall hopefully not go to waste.

Step 1: TBR Tantrum

TBRs, oftentimes the cause of great stress and anxiety from bookworms, can now become your best friends. They are filled from the good ole days, when you used to be ecstatic over books (now, now, don’t cry – you can escape from these dark times… I HAVE FAITH IN YOU).

Go onto Goodreads, and look through your TBR. Pick out some titles that you used to be really excited about. Or titles that you knew your old self would have been dying to read. Narrow it down to 3 or 4 books.

Step 2: Let the Numbers do the Talking

You might hear your past self gasp in horror, but simply pick out the book from your list that has the highest average rating. That is right. Do not even look at anything else, pick out the one with the highest average rating.

Step 3: GUSHING reviews

I would assume that the one with the highest average rating probably has one of maybe 3.5 or 4 stars, or less if you have a really bad taste in books (sorry not sorry… however I will admit Goodreads ratings can go a bit bonkers sometimes so future advice is not to rely on them too heavily).

Now, go into the review section, and read all the gushing 4-5 star reviews. Read them all until you feel a tingling bit of interest developing, until you begin to get a bit excited, until maybe you feel like running to the nearest library and grabbing the book.

Step 4: Get your hands on it

Get the book. Take it from the library, borrow it from OverDrive, or sweet-talk your neighbour into lending it to you. Then, I know it’s really complicated: but just read it. You might have to force yourself through the first chapter, but if it truly is a good book, then you will soon begin to enjoy it. You may find the bookworm within you is unable to resist.

if this works for you, that is fabulous. I am so glad. But if you somehow still have a reading slump: don’t panic. Here’s what might have gone wrong:

  • you picked the wrong book (it could be the genre, writing style or just the type of storyline in general… maybe it’s too slow-paced for your liking, for example)
  • there weren’t enough gushing reviews
  • you couldn’t get your hands on the book in time before your excitement started to wear out
  • you couldn’t find the energy/dedication/strength to force yourself through the first few chapters and just ended up DNF-ing on the first page (yes, I’m looking at you, Janet)
  • you have a small TBR (if this is you allow me to strip away your honourable bookworm medal)
  • you just skipped to the bottom of the post without actually following the steps (if so, allow me to kindly direct you to the top of the page)
  • maybe instead of picking something similar to what your previous reading taste’s were, you need to pick something different – maybe your brain is demanding something more refreshing!
  • you need a change of format – maybe try an audiobook instead
  • if none of these work – maybe you really just need a break! Or maybe your brain is just pissed off with your bad reading tastes πŸ™‚ Either way, its worth trying all of these, and then letting time do its healing
  • if that doesn’t work… I guess it’s time to panic

I hope this was helpful to you all in some way!! GOOD LUCK!

8 thoughts on “The (Foolproof) Guide to Defeating the Reading Slump (by an expert)”

  1. So true! Loved this post, I agree with your reasons as to why reading slumps may occur – for me it is either “I just have no energy!” or ‘No book will ever be as good as the one I just finished!’. I have found that a good thing to do if I’m in a reading slump is just change genres, eg. jump from classic to YA or sci-fi to historical fiction. Also, reading shorter books sometimes helps.

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  2. Thank you! Same, actually, when I’m way too tired or way too busy – but I personally dont consider those reading slumps since I know I’d devour a book if I had the time or energy πŸ™‚ Yes, I stopped fantasy for a while and that helped the slump, since I read so much fantasy! I agree, shorter books can be really encouraging.

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  3. OH MY GOD! I absolutely love this post – I feel a tiny bit sad right now not being in a reading slump because I really feel that this would actually work! I usually get really excited and inspired to read a certain book after reading many great reviews so that’s the right way to go, for sure! I’ll definetely try this method when I find myself in a slump again (but let’s hope that’s not too soon)! Again, love this idea and happy (and successful) reading!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Ahh thank you so much! ❀ You too, happy reading!! aaanddd sorry I haven't stopped by on your blog yet im behind on blog hopping but cant wait to pop by soon! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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