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Interview with the Author of “Musa and the Blade”, Q. ‘Abdullah Muhammad – Part 1 on Writing

This is part 1 of an interview that I had with Q. ‘Abdullah Muhammad, who is the author of Musa and the Blade, which you can purchase here. I also reviewed his book, which you can see here. He also has a blog where he talks about books, writing and Islamic/Muslim fiction.

What was the age range of the audience you had in mind while writing your book, Musa And The Blade? 

Around 15 and up. I did tone some of the original stuff down in my edits, to make it a little more comfortable if someone a little younger were to read, but I admit that that may have been a mistake looking back now. Going forward, I think I will try to follow more of my original thoughts. 

What do you think is the most important  message you were trying to portray with your book?

Well, it’s a message that is overarching into the continuing series, In Shaa Allah, but my theme is that, as stated above, the contents of one’s character matter more so than lineage and backgrounds. The deeds of an individual and what’s inside their heart, that’s what matters at the end of the day. When people realize and accept that, we can then look inward and find how we want to navigate life, what path we want to follow, and what will make someone good and worthy of high esteem. We can respect one another and appreciate the good everyone has to offer, even if it goes against previously held prejudices. 

Do you plan on continuing with the story until the protagonist is an adult?

I do indeed plan to continue the story in a series, In Shaa Allah, but until when, I cannot say. That would certainly spoil a lot of good content. Rest assured though, the tale will continue, the characters will grow, mature, and face new struggles and familiar ones. 

Do you intend to start writing another book/series that is separate to MATB?

Yes, but I don’t know when. I have a lot of ideas and drafts, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to commit to writing them all out and producing another story outside of the Miraath Al-Kabeer series. It might be a while… 

How was the self-publishing process?

Brutal. Tiring. Frustrating. But I had fun with it. Writing was the easiest part of it all. Editing and proofreading… not so much. And I’m still struggling a little with the publicity part of it all. Advertising and all that. Overall, it’s been a learning experience, and I can definitely appreciate that. A lot of hard work, but it has its payoffs, Alhamdulillah. 

You can purchase Musa and the Blade here. Part 2 of this interview will be coming soon.

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