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The (Foolproof) Guide to Defeating the Reading Slump (by an expert)

READING SLUMPS. The nemesis of all bookworms. The very mention of those two words can release a torrent of intense emotions: horror, sadness, despair. Well, never fear. As your fellow bookworm, I am here to help. I have compiled a fabulous guide that will just about save your summer (or whatever season you are currently residing in).

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June Wrap-Up – 2019

May was a terrible month in terms of reading and just a terrible month in general in terms of exams so that meant June I was going to relax and read as much as I can. I ended up reading 7 books this month which isn’t a huge amount compared to others but is huge for me definitely 🙂 So let’s talk about it (reviews are linked in the titles).

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The Huntress

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There’s a reason why I am pursuing a degree in psychology. I have always been horrified and confused when it came to the worst criminals, and this is one of the many things that have led to my passion for psychology. With some criminals, it’s obvious what drew them to commit such terrible things – but with others, it’s just downright baffling. I want to find out what really causes people who were before seemingly so normal and innocent, to suddenly lash out with such violence and cruelty. Take Ted Bundy, for example. He had a child and a wife and at one point he was MAJORING IN PSYCHOLOGY. Ted Bundy seemed like the most normal person in the world, and minus the fact he committed 30-40 gruesome murders, the rest of his profile, at least from an ordinary perspective, looked speckless. The reason he wasn’t caught for so long was because officials couldn’t believe it to be someone who had such charisma and seemed to live such a normal life. Even in this interview, a few hours before his death by the electric chair, he’s still being so manipulative. He’s clearly very good at what he’s doing, it’s hard to imagine him being the cause of such mortifying murders. Ted Bundy, is somewhat similar to The Huntress. Yet, she is more fascinating, and also considerably less evil, although evil nonetheless. They are both master manipulators.

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