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New Releases I Still Need to Read (Me Shaming Myself)

Hey guys! It’s no secret on this blog that I’m unfortunately a busy person, which means not getting to books that I’ve been dying to read. It was the topic for Thursday’s Top 4, yesterday, but I missed it. So. There are actually so many so I might even end up making another post on this because if I can guilt myself into finally reading these books that are supposed to be amazing… then why not? I definitely don’t *cough* have exams coming up *cough*.

King of Scars

I’m actually so terrified to read this. There have been so many mixed reviews and while before I had been clamouring to grab it and tear through it… I really don’t want it to kind of spoil the whole vibe of the Grisha world and the characters which I have previously so fervently loved – since I’ve heard that it reads more as a kind of build-up to the next book and is slow and boring (and I DNF books fast). Let me know if you think I might like this?? I really don’t want to read it and end up disliking it. That will actually be the worst.

A Spark of White Fire

All I’ve heard is YA fantasy and beautiful writing and I was sold.

The Priory of the Orange Tree

This book is massive, but unlike some readers I’m actually sometimes attracted to massive books because I love having these two parallels of my life which are: live my life, then go live the characters’ in my current reads lives – and if the book is amazing and well-written and just done well, then that is what happens. When I was reading the Anne of Green Gables series it would literally be “go to school” and then “visit Anne” and then “homework” and then “visit Anne”. May sound weird to some of you, but it’s great, trust me.

It sounds like such a rich world and such a captivating plot that I know I need this in my life.


I LOVE Robin Hood! I read the original classic a couple years back and found it just as amazing as I knew it would be, and so I’m super excited. Update: I just went on to Goodreads and found out that this book is AFTER Robin Hood’s death and apparently Marian is a total Marie Sue?!! Ok, I’m not sure how I feel about this… ugh I’m so disappointed.

The Gilded Wolves

Any book compared to Six of Crows needs to be read by me immediately.

Everlasting Rose

I think it’s safe to say I was obsessed with The Belles when I read it over a year ago, and so now I’m obviously so pumped to read the sequel, however pretty nervous as well because it hasn’t had particularly high reviews.

What new releases do you still need to read? Make me feel better πŸ˜€ Speak soon!

18 thoughts on “New Releases I Still Need to Read (Me Shaming Myself)”

  1. I know exactly how you feel about King of Scars! I think I started reading it in January and I’m halfway through but for some odd reason I can’t describe I put it down again and haven’t picked it up since?!?!?! I actually liked it, we got so see a lot more of Nina and her struggles after Matthias’ death and also of Nikolai dealing with being a king/monster which was really cool. To be honest, tho, it doesn’t really have a “focused” plot, like there is nothing happening that would drastically move on with the story and I think that’s why I put it down because the characters are just “living” and nothing spectacular is happening! But it’s definitely worth reading and definitely have to finish it soon!

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  2. King of scars, Priory of the Orange Tree and the Gilded Wolves have been on my TBR since they came out. I’m scared of the hype surrounding he first two. I feel like there’s no way they’ll live up to it. As do gilded wolves I think I’ve just been lazy lol

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  3. Ahh I’m glad I’m not alone! Honestly, I don’t think I’d mind that if the focus was on the entire Six of Crows crew, I would literally read a whole book about them shopping for teaspoons. I hope you end up enjoying it more than you expected!!

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  4. Honestly, I’ve had them on my TBR for over a year, ever since they appeared on Goodreads I guess. Same, I actually started Gilded Wolves but I just wasn’t in the mood for it at the time so I figured it was wise to leave it especially since I doubted I had the time to pick it up then. I always am scared when something is compared to SoC…

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  5. Yeah I read the first 100 or so pages of The Gilded Wolves a while back and just sort of left it behind and have been too lazy to pick it back up. I’m hoping to get back to it, maybe this month since so many people keep saying how good it is. And honestly, same. I feel like there is no way to live up to that!

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