TTT: Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book

Hello everyone, today I’m doing the topic for Top Ten Tuesday this week, which is on the “top then things that make me pick up a book” which I think is a really interesting thing to talk about especially since I’m sure it varies with everyone.

  1. the genre: the first thing I tend to do when looking at a book is seeing which genre it’s in, as there are genres that I love, genres I’m not a fan of, and genres where it’s a bit of a hit or miss with me when it comes to reading books within them. Usually, if a book is fantasy or historical fiction or sci-fi, I will immediately be interested.
  2. the level of sexual content: if there’s too much sexual content, meaning it’s the main focus of the story and it’s graphic, then I’m not interested although if I find this out when I’ve already started the book and am really enjoying it, I do just skip those bits and it’s fine, like with Throne of Glass or TMI, for example. Which is a reason why I think I’m not that great when it comes to recommendations with people who also have a problem with sexual content because I skip those bits and then completely forget they even existed.
  3. the protagonist (subconscious?): this may be a subconscious thing – well, is definitely a subconscious thing – or maybe not, I don’t know…. but I’ve realised that the huge majority of the books I read have a female protagonist??
  4. the storyline: it depends whether the storyline is something I’m interested with or not
  5. the setting: not that the setting of a book would put me off, but it may increase my interest in a book
  6. the title: really! if a book has a really intriguing title then that can definitely increase my interest in it
  7. the book cover: same with titles
  8. reviews by other book reviewers: this is actually one of the first things I do, sometimes before I even look at the blurb of a book, I’ll just see the title, see the cover, dive straight for the review section, especially to the reviews from reviewers that I follow!
  9. Goodreads average rating: similar to reading reviews from other reviewers, although reflects the majority of the reviewers’ thoughts more simply as well
  10. availability: whether I’m able to borrow it from the library or on OverDrive or whether I decide to borrow it from a friend or buy it… this is also something important that I need to settle before picking up the book, obviously!

What makes you pick up a book?

9 thoughts on “TTT: Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book”

  1. Love your answers! I also really don’t like books where the focus is on romance and it’s just too much, I usually don’t continue them! But a little romance on the side is ok, just when things get too intense it’s not worth my time 😂

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